Darling in the Franxx Season 2: Everything We Know

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Darling In The Franxx is one of the most popular and lovable science fiction anime that has won multiple hearts. So this comes as a natural question from the fans when can they see season 2 of the anime. This Japanese science fiction anime series is produced by Clover Works. It is the same company that handles the animations. In fact, the show is so much popular that it was announced at trigger’s anime expo in 2017. It was the same time when the international distribution of anime had begun.

Darling in Franxx is one mecha anime series that is taking place in a post-apocalyptic future where both adults and children are separated from each other. There are many creatures out there who have emerged from the Earth and want to creak havoc all around. The only thing that is left for mankind is built mobile cities called plantations. These are the plantations that need to be protected from giant mechs that are titled Franxx.

The show follows a character named Hiro. He is the one who volunteers to become the new partner-AKA darling of the mysterious Zero Two after her co-pilot is killed. The show enjoys a very close resemblance to the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series. The best part about Darling in the Franxx anime is its fast-paced action and intriguing characters. Season 1 of the show left us with certain silly plot twists and rushed story pace. This is why it’s important to amend the story and bring season 2 of the show.

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Season 1 of the show concluded in 2018 and ever since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the season 2 announcement. During the finale episode of season 1, Hiro and Zero sacrifice themselves to save the earth and then reincarnate then meet as children. Considering the storyline and popularity, it would be fairly possible for the makers to bring on a new season.

So let’s further discuss what we know so far about Darling In The Franxx season 2 anime series:

Is Darling In The Franxx season 2 Renewed?

Unfortunately, the series Darling In The Franxx has not been confirmed yet by the makers. However, there are still many reasons that we should believe it will happen. The first season was a collaboration between Studio Trigger and Cloverworks. The ratings of the show were great and it also won different awards. So, we can expect this to be another joint venture between Cloverworks and Studio Trigger.

Darling In The Franxx Season 2 Release Date

Like we said the show Darling In The Franxx has not been confirmed yet by the makers so unfortunately there’s no release date. The anime series still requires an official renewal and announcement from the makers for season 2. It is also possible that Darling In The Franxx season 2 is being developed and is yet to be announced. The show received mixed reactions from the audience and the critics.

Darling In The Franxx Season 2

Now given the amount of time it takes to produce a full season of anime, Darling In The Franxx season 2 release date would not come until Summer or Fall of 2022. This is our speculation and that too if we expect the very earliest. But we would say before jumping out to any conclusion, it’s better to wait for a confirmation from the makers of the show. If we see any update on the release date for the show, we will surely update our article.

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Expected Plot of Darling In The Franxx

Even though the second season of the show is not confirmed yet, there are a lot of reasons that it will be back for sure. If we go by how the show ended, we can say the makers have the best framework for season 2 to start afresh. The finale of the show saw Hiro and Zero, the two sacrificing their lives to destroy the complete hive of clients. The finale also shows how survivors are trying their best to rebuild their world and want to return back like in older times.

After some time which is around a thousand years, both Hiro and Zero are reincarnated and met each other again. So, if a second season happens, it will be most probably a prequel of the show. If that does not happen it will pick up after the events of the reincarnation of Hiro and Zero Two. We will also see how Zero Two and Hiro will face new threats and the re-emergence of the Klaxosaurus. Expecting the best for the upcoming season of Darling In The Franxx.

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Darling In The Franxx Trailer

Unfortunately, we do not have any trailers for the second season of Darling In The Franxx. The reason behind this is that the show has not been renewed yet. But as soon as get any update for the same we will let you know. Don’t lose your hope and keep yourself updated on this anime series through our website.

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