Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008, calls for a boycott of Gay Pride month

Raymond McKinnon

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In the middle of Pride month, Dayana Mendoza – former Miss Universe 2008 – is in the eye of the hurricane for her attacks on the LGBTQI+ community. The former beauty queen dedicates a large part of her social networks to spreading her personal vision of the word of God and the Christian religion, which led her a few days ago to share a publication in which she called for the “destruction” of this celebration that vindicates the right and freedom of each person to love whomever they choose.

It all started when he stumbled upon the comment left to him by a follower, in which he begged him not to allow his “fanaticism” to make him even more lost after reading the messages he regularly shares against that group. The model did not hesitate to respond to her to emphasize her opinion, that homosexuality is an “abomination”, and defend her position ensure that she only echoes the will of the Lord: “God loves the sinner and hates sin. Regarding this matter, God says it is an abomination,” he said.

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Dayana’s comments on social networks have been generating a strong controversy for months, since she has also spoken out against abortion asking her fans to “choose to take care of pregnancies they do not want.” The Venezuelan was crowned Miss Universe on July 14, 2008, giving the country the sixth recognition in its history. She later studied acting at the New York Film Academy and participated in a season of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ with Donald Trump.

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