Deathloop and Other Upcoming PS5 Games

Samuel Edwards

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As every gamer probably noticed, development teams across the globe got forced to postpone their releases in the last year or so. So now it is payback time. Exciting titles have been pushed to the second half of 2021 and are getting released. This collimation gets followed up our list of new games tailor-made for PS5. 


Deathloop is coming on September 14 for both PC and PS5. The only console you can play it on is PS5, meaning unique environments and stunning graphics made just for that gaming device.

The game has a unique premise. You are Colt. You wake on the same beach with a buzzing hangover, and the entitled partyers on the island want to kill you every single day. You are in a loop. And the only way for you to break the loop is to kill the eight people responsible for it before midnight. 

Every day you must learn and adapt and also try out new tactics and techniques. At your disposal are incredible weapons and supernatural abilities as you try to survive the AEON Program and destroy the loop. Unfortunately, you will die several times in-game before you succeed, as you will need to try different styles and different pathways each day. 


What was once PES is now eFootball and is coming out this autumn. Konami slashed the long-running franchise and is working on a new game rebuilt with the latest Unreal Engine.  Free to play. People are asking questions. How significant is the overhaul? Is it just a name change for marketing reasons? Are we looking at something completely different than Pro Evolution Soccer?

Konami is following the trend of moving everything online and reducing the offline part. This trend is also evident in sportsbooking. Today, online variations are what bookmakers used to be, same with the brick and mortar casino’s where real money online casino Canada websites have pushed them out of the way. And it is hard to compete with that. With Google, you can find the games you want from an unprecedented selection and all from the comfort of your own home. Online casinos and slots seem the way to do it today, and anything else looks analog compared to it. The way things are going, maybe in 10 years, online eFootball matches will be more watched than live games.


Hades is coming out soon. On August 13. And it is also Friday the 13th. With details like that, you can see the developers care about the atmosphere and feel. And all with a great supporting cast, and evenly paced plotline, and beautiful visuals. Unlike Deathloop, Hades will be available on various consoles: PS5, PS4, Xbox One, XSX. It has already been available on Windows, macOS, and Nintendo Switch.

The game has been a smashing hit so far. In our opinion, it comes mainly to the game’s story, gameplay, and characters. Not to mention the graphics, which are indeed something unique. 

Players take the role of Hades’s son Zagreus. The goal is to escape from Underworld to reach Mount Olympus. The game is a hack and slash, combining weapons, dash power, and magic abilities. And while you will often die, you will be reborn again and again with improved abilities or weapons increasing your chances of finally escaping next time.

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