Demi Lovato Apologies Over New Controversy! Details Here

Farwa Raza

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Social networks did not forgive her and she had to take a step back.

Being one of the most listened-to pop stars of the moment (like Dua Lipa or Miley Cyrus) did not exempt Demi Lovato from receiving a wave of criticism for her behavior on social networks. The former Disney star shared on Instagram her outrage at a local business in Los Angeles that was widely discussed on social media and was forced to apologize.

It all started over the weekend when the “Dancing with the Devil” star criticized the ” Bigg Chill ” ice cream parlor for allegedly promoting sugar-free cookies and “other diet foods.” This was how Demi Lovato let it be seen in her Instagram stories, where she urged local businesses to be more honest with their consumers and respond to the needs of people with diabetes, for example.

”Demi Lovato wrote in the Instagram image. The singer has more than 100 million followers on the platform who clearly did not remain silent.

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In a much more aggressive tone, Demi Lovato added: “I will call (out loud) harmful messages from brands or (companies) that perpetuate a society that not only allows but praises eating disorders.” So the response from the restaurant was not long in coming and they explained that it offers food for people with diabetes and celiac disease, as well as options for vegans and “many indulgent options.”

Local media reported that Demi continued aggressive with the store: “You don’t want to get me dirty. You are wrong and the customer is always right”. Customers immediately sided with the ice cream parlor to the point that Demi Lovato had to apologize: “I’m sorry I got the message wrong. My intentions were not to go in and intimidate a small business. I went in, I was so unchained that I left without ice cream and that made me very sad.



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