Demi Lovato: It was so amazing growing up at Disney

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Demi Lovato confesses in an interview how crazy it was growing up as a Disney star. You can find out exactly what she is telling here!

Demi Lovato: Disney star from an early age.

Demi Lovato started her career at Disney when she was seven years old on the show “Barney and Friends”. She got her breakthrough with the Disney film “Camp Rock” and is then the star of the series “Sonny Munroe”. The singer’s great success at such a young age bothered the singer. Demi Lovato was bullied when she was still at school. In her current YouTube documentary “Dancing with the Devil” Demi confesses how her overdose came about and how bad it really was for her. She had three strokes and a heart attack and almost died from it.

Demi Lovato: “I called it Disney High School”

Demi Lovato did not have normal youth as we know them. In the years that are so formative for a person, the singer was in the limelight and spent her youth on film and series sets. In an interview with Zane Lowe, she tells how it was for her. ” I called it Disney High School because my only friends were all on Disney Channel too. ” There was no life outside the Disney world for the teenagers. “ It was weird. We all dated each other. We hung out together and we had arguments. It was like high school, but ours was on a social media platform that had never existed before. ”Demi’s life was from strict rules to maintain the Disney image. “When I was at a party, I was not allowed to be seen with a red cup, no matter what was in it. Even if it was only Coke because the cup symbolizes alcohol. ” Crazy! Normal teenage life looks different. ” Control anytime, anywhere. No-slip is allowed, ” says Demi, summing up the traumatic time at Disney.

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