‘Demon Slayer’ Season 2 Finally Has An Actual 2021 Release Date

Iksha Tiwari

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‘Demon Slayer’ Season 2: This is not just the movie chopped up into bits, but will also include “70 new scenes, new music tracks, new open and ending animation, episode previews and new theme songs.” 70 new scenes certainly sound like a lot, and it makes sense, give that Mugen Train is just under two hours long, which would be six, 20-minute episodes, but this run will be 7 episodes. So that’s seemingly a significant amount of new footage.

It is not the first time when a movie has been chopped up into small bits. The movie will also include “70 new scenes and new music tracks and ending animation and new theme songs. Now before we head to the entertainment district for Demon Slayer season 2, Funimation. It has finally announced that it is turning the smash hit Mugen train feature film. It will then feature a stunning 7 episode series that begins. It will also start airing on October 10.

So now, all of these things directly lead us into the Entertainment District arc for a season 2 itself. It will also begin on Sunday, December 5. The series will feature an hour-long premiere. The Demons Slayer who first debuted in 2019 will also return back. This is also the reason why fans are waiting for a very long time for this. In the meantime, the Mugen train movie also broke all box office records in Japan and performed extremely well in the west at the same time.

Another thing that should be noted here is the fact that the new Demon Salyer fighting game is also being released on October 15. It is made by CyberConnect2 and has animation extremely faithful to the original series. It comes out on all consoles, including PS5 and Xbox series X  and PC which is a full $60 title.

Demon Slayer is a unique success in anime, breaking boundaries into film and into the west like few other titles before it. There is plenty of manga left to adapt, so I would expect to see it around for a good long while. And with fewer delays due to COVID, we will probably see future seasons take less time to arrive than the eternal wait we’ve had for season 2 here. Technically, Funimation is counting the 7 episode Mugen Train arc as part of season 2 going forward here, but the never-before-seen stuff will begin in December once that has wrapped. Plenty to look forward to, and stay tuned for more info including new trailers, no doubt, as we get closer

Technically Funimation is currently counting the 7 episode Mugen train arc as a part of season 2 going forward here. Now then there is never before seen stuff will begin in December which is once that has wrapped. Not we have plenty to look forward to. So stay tuned to our website and get all the latest details and updates of the series as we move forward.

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