Dental Health Tips for Your Summer Travels

Samuel Edwards

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Do you travel a lot? Have you made time to keep your dental health top-notch? Sometimes things slip our minds when we are busy and especially when we don’t travel regularly. One aspect of a successful trip is making sure your oral hygiene is maintained, which luckily, is easy to do with the following tips.

Have A Regular Checkup

Even if you’re going to be on the road, ensuring you don’t miss your regular dental checkup is important and very possible. The best option would be to schedule your dental visit prior to leaving town, so you can visit the dentist you regularly see, but if for some reason you need to visit a different clinic during a trip, you should consider researching dentists in the area you will be visiting to schedule a visit while you’re there.

Keep Your Dentist’s Phone Number Saved

You might be surprised at just how beneficial it can be to have your dentist’s phone number saved so you can reach out at any time. Many times, they can help you determine over the phone if a visit is required. Other times they provide care over the phone which could save you an annoying trip to the clinic. Either way, just giving your dentist a call during a dental emergency should be your first step to getting help.

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Dental Visits Out Of The Country

If you happen to be out of the country and have a dental emergency, consider reaching out to the local consulate or embassy. They will have a list of trusted dentists available and may be able to point you in the right direction.  They also won’t have ulterior motives, like monetary gain from their recommendation.

Don’t Have A Toothbrush?

It’s happened to everyone…you go on a trip and then realize you forgot your toothbrush. Luckily, you can easily purchase one at a local drugstore, but you can still get your teeth clean in the meantime. Vigorously rinse your mouth with water, apply some toothpaste to your finger or a clean washcloth and scrub away. Sure, you won’t get the same clean, but you’ll still remove bacteria and have a cleaner-feeling mouth than if you were to avoid brushing altogether.

Transporting Your Toothbrush

How do you normally pack your toothbrush? At home, you probably have it out where it can air-dry after brushing your teeth. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible when traveling. You can easily use a Ziploc bag to store your toothbrush in transport or purchase a toothbrush case. Both will help keep your toothbrush clean during your travels but make sure you allow it to air dry after use.

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Keep Gum On Hand

Look for ADA-Accepted sugarless gum to keep on you or somewhere easily accessible. In addition to helping keep cavities away, it can also help relieve ear pressure during the takeoff and landing portions of your flight. Once you eat a meal, pop a piece of gum in and chew for at least 20 minutes to further help your cavity prevention efforts.

Your Mouth & Bottled Water

If you travel often, you know how important a bottle of water can really be. Some countries do not have easily accessible, clean drinking water, which means you better have your own.  If you are unsure about the local water, make sure you grab a bottle of water as soon as you can. It isn’t only for drinking, as you should also brush your teeth using bottled water and avoid any possible illness from the local water.

Stay On Track

If you happen to slack off on your dental hygiene while traveling, just remember to get back on the wagon when you return home. It doesn’t matter how many sweets you indulged, or how many nights you skipped flossing, it’s never too late to get back to your regular dental care routine.

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