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Earlier this year Denzel Washington left his fans speechless by confirming that The Equalizer had the script ready for the third installment. Now Sony Pictures confirms that Robert McCall has a date to return.

In 2014 director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) cast Denzel in a big screen adaptation of the hit ’80s series The Equalizer. For the new story we are introduced to Robert McCall (Denzel), a calm and hard-working man who by chance will try to help a young woman who is subjected by the Russian mafia, what the bad guys don’t know is that Robert is a former military man highly trained elite.

The story was a success earning more than $190 million at the worldwide box office. This made a sequel possible, which was presented in 2018. The continuation delved into the past of Denzel’s character and added a new villain, played by Pedro Pascal. The film received mixed reviews, but was still more than well received by the public, showing great box office performance and that it was ready for a third part.

In January of this year Denzel commented that he had to get in shape since the script for the third installment was already ready. “They’ve written the third Equalizer, so I’m getting ready to do it. I’ve got to get in shape and start beating people up again, I’ve got to beating people up again,” the actor told Collider at the time.

Now, Sony Pictures has updated its major release schedule for the remainder of 2022 and the next two years. Within that calendar is The Equalizer 3 and according to Sony, Robert’s return is dated for September 1, 2023.

Taking into account the release date, it means that at some point in this 2022 filming will begin, possibly in the middle of the year, for the summer (boreal).

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