Derry Girls star Louisa Harland gives Season 3 updates In Her Words

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Derry Girls star Louisa Harland has given a great promising Season 3 update. Filming for the channel 4 sitcom’s third run has been suspended several times and the obvious reason is the coronavirus pandemic. And due to that no definite return date has been established.

According to the reports from Digital Spy, Orla McCool actress Louisa also confirmed that she is about to return to production on Derry Girls. She also shared her hopes of getting season 3 filming will be wrapped as soon as possible”.

Louisa said.

“I am not filming Derry Girls at the moment”. I am about to be at some point, so hopefully, we can get that done and that too as soon as possible”.

On what season 3 may have in store, she added ” I have absolutely no clue what’s in the store for season 3. She added in her statement,

“I get a text from [showrunner Lisa McGee] saying, ‘just written something absolutely hilarious’, but that is as much as she will give me because she is very wise not to tell us, because we get very excited. So actually i know nothing about it and i have all the trust in the world that it is going to be super classy one.

When she was asked about how long the show is expected to theoretically run, Louisa said: The series follows a political timeline of real events so according to me there could be some kind of natural end, but who knows what happens in the story next.

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Derry Girls star Louisa Harland gives Season 3 updates In Her Words

Derry Girls will soon be aired on Channel 3. Boys from County will also open in UK and Irish Cinemas on August 6th. Let’s see how much both the series capture the hearts of the audience. We will keep updating you with all the latest updates on the same. Stay followed with our website.

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