Dexter: 2 Things You Should Know About The Return Of The Show

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The two important details about the return of ‘Dexter’ that confirm the new trailer for the series

The series starring Michael C. Hall returns to its origins. Showtime announces that new episodes will be available in the fall.

Dexter Morgan will be back sooner than you think. This is how the new advance that you can see on these lines advances it, in which we discover two important things about the new season of Dexter: that the protagonist will continue to be the murderer that he always was and that the new episodes will be released next fall.

After a very brief teaser published last week in which it was confirmed that Dexter remained living in the forest in which we saw him for the last time, the latest trailer published by Showtime allows us to see Michael C. Hall in the character’s skin again. That mythical Miami serial killer who so captivated us in the original broadcast of the series, but whose final outcome did not quite convince his millions of fans around the world.

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That Dexter Morgan has returned to his old methods is also made quite clear in the ‘teaser’, since the reflection of the window through which the character looks out at the snowy landscape outside reveals that he is not alone, but accompanied by one of his victims.

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Although completely unexpected, Dexter’s ninth season has become the hope for some to reconcile with a series that really gave them a fantastic time. In addition, the person in charge of the ‘revival’ is none other than the original ‘showrunner’, Clyde Phillips, who returns after leaving fiction in the fourth season.

Hall is the only member of the original cast to return in this new phase, although the new Dexter has added some new faces that promise to give a lot to talk about. Clancy Brown will get into the shoes of his main antagonist, while Jamie Chung is a ‘podcaster’ specialized in ‘true crime’.

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