Dexter: Fan Favorite Actor Is Not Returning In Revival

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Except for the main actor Michael C. Hall, who embodies Dexter, no other original stars should be involved in the ninth season of “Dexter”.

The finale of ” Dexter ” disappointed viewers and is considered by many to be one of the worst TV endings ever, but when season 9 of “Dexter” was announced, fans of the series regained hope. Michael C. Hall returns to his infamous role as a serial killer, and the comeback was perfect. However, the “Dexter” fans wondered whether there were other original stars on board. Now a “Dexter” actor spoke up and has bad news in this regard.

James Remar, who played Dexter’s adoptive father, confirms exactly what fans feared because none of the original “Dexter” stars will return. On Instagram, the actor stated that he did not know about the plans of the Showtime television station and was therefore not involved in the new episodes. Remar also confirms that the old stars wanted to return, but Showtime simply did not contact them. You can see the entire video here:

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No reunions with old “Dexter” figures?
– Danger! This is followed by spoilers for the finale of “Dexter” –

If not a single character appears in the ninth season of “Dexter”, the comeback of the series could not be successful. Showtime actually wants to fix the bugs with season 9, but it looks like it doesn’t pick up on the original ending of the series. The deceased character Debra, for example, would not be able to return from the dead and end her story. Plus, it would make sense for Dexter to go find Hannah McKay and his son Harrison.

However, the two important characters were last seen in Argentina and season 9 of “Dexter” takes place in a suburb of New York. Production company Showtime may be aware of this and are still keeping the cast a secret in order to create a big surprise. But when we recall what James Remar said, it looks bleak.

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The signs are a bit bad around “Dexter”, but nothing has been confirmed by the news. However, fans should perhaps lower their expectations for the time being and wait and see how the situation ultimately develops. After all, a first short trailer appeared that shows us Dexter in his old element. The ninth season of “Dexter” is scheduled to start in autumn 2021.

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