Dexter Season 9 : New Blood: Release date, cast and everything we know

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Michael C. Hall explica por qué regresa a la nueva temporada de Dexter

Dexter Season 9: New Blood: Season 9 of Dexter also officially known as Dexter: New Blood, has now been confirmed with a new release date that is on November 7, 2021. Many fans of the blood spatter series thought they had seen the last of him in 2013 when the serial killer gave up his Florida life of massacre and deception. While escaping behind his beard in the anonymous guise of an Oregon Lumberjack.

The series was based on the novels by Jeff Lindsay, the showtime series was premiered in 2006 and it ran for almost eight seasons. Michael C. Hall played the role of Dexter Morgan who was a thirsty soul for murder. It was justified by his strict adherence to his late father’s moral code and he only kills those ones who have escaped true justice.

The series gets the revival treatment by reuniting Hall with a number of special guests for what original showrunner Clyde Phillips insists is more than Dexter season 9. Clyde Phillips also said: “One of the things Michael insisted on, and he was relatively right, did it wasn’t Dexter season 9 “.

Dexter Season 9 : New Blood: Release date, cast and everything we know

Phillips now served as showrunner on Dexter’s first four seasons and is back for the revival which follows Dexter in a new chapter in his life. Batwoman and the flight attendant director Marcos Seiga will direct the first six episodes of the series which will be of a total of 10 episodes.

The filming for the latest season has just ended and now the whole series is in the post-production phase for now. This news was broken out by the executive producer of New Blood, Scoot Reynolds. His post said: “Last night we finished production on @sho_dexter – Words cannot describe how honored I am to write for this guy,” pictured here attached shows Reynolds beside Hall. “He’s amazing and I can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve done.

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So now read on further to know everything we know about Dexter: New Blood so far

Dexter: New Blood release date:

Dexter: new Blood release had been finally announced by the makers which are Sunday, November 7, 2021 on showtime at 9 PM. In the United Kingdom, you will be able to watch the series on Sky and Now as well. The original idea for the revival of the series emerged in June 2019. Dexter: New Blood began filming in February 2021 with Western Massachusetts standing in for the new premises of Dexter in upstate New York. The filming of the series was completed in late July 2021.

Dexter: New Blood cast:

All the fans of the series Dexter will be delighted to know about the cast of the series. Michael C. Hall will return back as Dexter and his retaliation was announced in October 2020 when the series was commissioned from Showtime. Another new add-on cast will be his new love interest is Angela, played by Julia Jones, a police chief who appears to have a lot in common with the Tular character.

The main villain of rebirth is Clancy Brown and the star of billions Kurt Caldwell who will play as Kurt Caldwell, the owner of a local truck stop that has various large platforms. The rest of the cast includes Johnny Sequoyah as Audrey, Angela’s teenage daughter, Alano Miller as Logan, an Iron Lake Police Department Sgt, and Jack Alcott as Randall, someone with whom Dexter will go for a meaningful encounter. Fans also expect many cameos and there will also be cast members from the original series who will blow some people brain’s out.

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Storyline For Dexter: New Blood

Dexter: New Blood picks up ten years after the events of the season 8 finale of Dexter for what Showtime’s creative lead Ted Levine calls a creative take that was truly worthy of the brilliant original series. The creative take finds Dexter alive now in the fictional town of Iron Lake, New York where he works as a merchant under the assumed name of Jim Lindsay. Also, there were some incidents in the town that also worries Dexter who thinks he has dashed his desires but he fears his black passenger is about to wake up.

Hall also confirms that Dexter has not been killed since the last time we saw him, holding back his urges. If he is killing people and he is going to struggle to have a life. Although he maintains a fantasy that he is capable of both. In addition to this, Reynolds also promises that the series won’t ignore the events of previous seasons. Having Dexter as a West Coast lumberjack and area the FBI estimates there are almost 15 active serial killers today. So with the new season, we will get the answers to many of our questions like “Is he here to be a part of the serial killer country or is the noise of chainsaws he is surrounded by going to be the thing that keeps him sober? All these questions will be answered in the new upcoming season.

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Is there a trailer for Dexter: New Blood?

Yes, Showtime released the first teaser in April 2021, it is a 30-second premiere of an outdoor log dire crackling in the middle of a snowy forest. The camera pulling back into a hut where you can see Dexter. Behind him, you will see in reflected in the window to take a look for yourself.

The trailer for Dexter New Blood debuted in 2021. This one contains more than an ephemeral tease, it showcases Dexter’s new life. The white snow blanketing the town with a reflection of that cool slate he has made his home. “It’s about blending in, ” his voice intones, as we see him sharpening a meat cleaver behind the counter at Fred’s Fish and Game. Can anyone say “tempting fate “?

For now, all we can do is wait for the new season to blow up the internet. Let’s see how the new storyline of Dexter: new Blood unfolds on our screen and what new characters will be added and other latest things. We will keep you updated with everything which we know so far, and if there’s any new update we will surely update it here.

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