Did Cody Ko Got Engaged To Kelsey Kreppel? Everything You Need To Know

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To our surprise recently YouTuber Cody Ko recently announced his engagement to girlfriend and influencer Kelsey Keppel and the news was announced through a romantic Instagram post. The couple posted a series of photos that showed the Canadian YouTuber getting down on one knee in a beautiful and serene beach setting and his girlfriend gasps in complete surprise. Both of the Youtubers Kelsey Kreppel and Cody Ko delighted their fans after completing four years of dating.

Both stars are recognized as some of the best couples on the platform. They shared their humor, their matching personality all through their videos and it was definitely a treat to watch both of them together. After years of making the videos together, they have finally announced their engagement through their Instagram post.

It was indeed one of the best days for the internet as influencers like Alexa Rosey, Claudia Sulewski, Emma Chamberlain, and many more wished them congratulations on their post.


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How Long Have Cody Ko and Kelsey Kreppel Had Been Together?

If you know about these two together then you might probably be aware that the pair have been together for a very long time. According to a report from the media portal, he has talked about his crush in his 2017 podcast and he thought about cooking for her. The girl also turned out to be beautiful Kelsey and then everything is history. The YouTuber also proposed to his love a romantic evening on the beach. She also captioned the pictures saying that she had never been more sure of anything in her life than her boyfriend. Even before their confirmation, there were quite many traces of their romance when they replied to the pictures on different tweets on Twitter.

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In fact, at some point in time, both Corinna Kopf and Cody Ko regularly appeared in each other’s videos. From the beginning only they have been appeared as some of the closes friends and have often interacted with each other in various social media threads and post comments. Their cute, candid, and fun interactive sessions always made fans speculate that the two were surely dating each other. Now even the due did not confirm or deny all the rumors we always knew that there was something between the two.


A Reddit user even wrote in his thread: “I read somewhere that he dated Corinna Kopf for a little bit but nothing serious. But I feel bad talking about something I just read but have no idea if it’s true,”. Another Reddit user shared a 2017 video where he referred to Corinna as Cody’s girlfriend.

What Is The Net Worth Of Cody Ko’ To Be Bride Kelsey Kreppel?

According to different sources, the net worth of Kelsey Kreppel is at present between 100,000 to 500,000 dollars. She also made her living through working as a YouTuber around 2017. In addition to that, we also got to know that at present her channel almost has 1 million subscribers. Most of the content uploaded by the YouTuber focuses on her daily life as well as different reaction videos with her fiance. Before she worked as a YouTuber, she worked as a primary school teacher.

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What Do We Know About Kelsey Kreppel? 

Kelsey Keppel is one popular YouTuber and influencer who was born on the 24th of September in 1993. She is presently 28 years old. She grew up in Los Angeles, California, and is the daughter of Neil Louis Kepply and Laureen. She also graduated with a degree in child and adolescent development and then worked as a primary teacher in a school before starting her career in video making. Her YouTube page and other social media pages consist of collaborations from different brands, pictures with friends and there are many more loved up stands with Cody as well.

Now, in the end, all we can say is congratulations to the lovely couple for their engagement and we hope Kelsey walks down the aisle with Cody Ko very soon and we will be the first ones to report to you that if that happens. For now stay tuned to our website for more updates about your favorite celebrities right here.

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