Did Jennifer Lopez Just Confirm Her Relationship With Ben Affleck

Farwa Raza

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Latin star Jennifer Lopez posted images on her Instagram that date back to the time when she and actor Ben Affleck lived their passionate romance.

The hints on social networks continue. Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck was one of the most beautiful mediatic couples in the last two years they were together from 2002 to 2004. And now after breaking with Alex Rodriguez and Ana de Armas, respectively, could have reconciled and resumed their relationship, according to various media in the United States.

A post by the Latin star on his Instagram profile indirectly hints that there is something, even if it is just friendship. The Bronx diva has fueled the buzz by sharing a video and message dating back to the time she had her romance with the two-time Oscar winner.

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Jennifer Lopez said in her publication that her album This Is Me. Then is her favorite without a doubt. An album he made when he was in a relationship with the actor in which he even dedicated a song to him. “Dear Ben.” A song that has a line like: “I’m addicted to the way you like to touch me.”

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And not just a song, but also a video clip. Alex Rodriguez’s ex-fiancee invited her then-partner to participate in a popular video, “Jenny from the block.” The clip portrayed not only the harassment of the paparazzi to the media couple but also the love that the couple felt at that time.

“All my records are very special to me, but This Is Me. Then is my favorite of all the ones I’ve done by far!”, she wrote next to some images. Coincidence or not, the detail of JLo when remembering it and describing it as the most special reveals his special affection for that stage of his artistic life.

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