Did you know? All about the great friendship of Ed Sheeran and a star of “Friends”

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  • The great friendship between Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, who met more than 10 years ago, is no secret to anyone.
  • The diva met the talent of the red star, invited him to open one of his shows and the rest is history.
  • But what very few people know is the closeness between him and one of the stars of “Friends.”

Years ago, when it was 2014, Ed Sheeran was writing his second album and received an invitation from Courteney Cox to stay at his house. While the actress who played Monica Geller offered her hospitality at her mansion in Malibu, California, Ed Sheeran responded with the tasks of keeping things in order, serving tea, and being the perfect companion for a season with friends.

But that’s not all, as according to local press reports, Ed Sheeran also introduced Courtney Cox to his now partner Johnny McDaid from the Snow Patrol band. A look back will be enough to realize that there is another similar story, this time between Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx and Ed Sheeran, who was also one of his guests.

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This was announced by the Academy Award winner on his way through the Graham Norton Show interview show, in which he revealed the incredible story where the British star is the main protagonist. Back then, according to Jamie Foxx, Ed Sheeran came to visit him at his home in Los Angeles, California while he spent a few days in the United States promoting his music.

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The colorado had traveled to the city of entertainment in the US to show his songs on a radio show hosted by Jamie Foxx. “We went to my house, to my study. I heard him ‘play’ a couple of songs and found it amazing. I said ‘I know you have nowhere to go so stay here. Relax, you can eat ”, revealed the interpreter known for films like“ Ray ”or“ Collateral ”.

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