Discover How AI Impacts the Future of Music with David Guetta

Jonny Hector

Published on:

David Guetta, the French DJ recently crowned Producer of the Year at the BRITs, believes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become the “new technology” used by artists to create new sounds. He previously deep-faked Eminem’s voice using AI during his live DJ set. He stated that “Nothing is going to replace taste” but added that “I think really AI might define new musical styles”.

Guetta, who has produced hits for Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande, noted that as time goes on technology and instruments create and shape new genres. He also noted that advancements in technology cause people to have misconceptions about the DJ career. He said, “People think, ‘This guy is just having fun putting his hands in the air and people are singing his song’. They don’t know I just release one record out of a hundred because my hard drive is full of s*** records!”

David Guetta is an advocate for showing that the life of being a DJ, while luxurious in some aspects, is far from an easy job. He recognizes that showing the fake lifestyles that many people in his industry post on social media give people an untrue impression. His advice? “If you’re an ordinary person, you’re gonna feel, ‘I’m a piece of s***, a loser’. We can’t have society where 99 per cent of the people feel like they suck.”

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