Discover the Crucial Resident Evil 4 Remake Tip – Acquire the Powerful Bolt Thrower

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Save Ammo with the Bolt Thrower

Resident Evil 4 Remake has a new weapon in its arsenal that can help players conserve precious ammo: the Bolt Thrower. This new crossbow can be purchased from the merchant in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, making it a great investment for players who want to save money and ammo.

The Bolt Thrower has “infinite” ammo that can be recovered after firing, making it an ideal weapon to use when facing tough enemies. By aiming for the head or legs, players can stagger an enemy and leave them open to melee attacks, saving valuable ammo.

How to Use the Bolt Thrower

Here are some tips to help players get the most out of their Bolt Thrower:

  • Upgrade power first, then add capacity and firing speed to make the Bolt Thrower more effective.
  • Use the Bolt Thrower on heads or legs to stagger enemies and save ammo.
  • Don’t use the Bolt Thrower on flying enemies or enemies with a void behind them.
  • Aim for the legs to lose fewer bolts.
  • Craft new bolts from knives and mines using recipes from the merchant.
  • Use the Bolt Thrower to target crows for random item drops.
  • Attach mines to cover windows and doors from ambushing enemies.
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Final Thoughts

The Bolt Thrower is an excellent addition to Resident Evil 4 Remake, offering players a new way to conserve ammo and take down enemies. Make sure to take advantage of it when you can, and check out our guide for more tips and strategies to help you survive the horrors of this amazing game.

Enjoy Resident Evil 4 Remake and happy throwing!

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