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Disney’s Disenchanted, the long-awaited follow-up to Amy Adams’ 2007 fantasy musical Enchanted, is on the verge of completion. In 2007, Enchanted was a box office hit, adapting the genre to incorporate live-action and conventionally animated versions of typical fairytale princesses. It was created by Disney and paid tribute to famous Disney Princess like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White and satirized their repeating cliches.

Enchanted depicts Giselle (played by Adams), a traditionally animated princess from mythical Andalasia who is turned into a live-action version of herself in New York City after being forced down by a wicked sorcerer. Robert (Partick Dempsey) finds and cares for her, and she falls in love with him. The sorceress is defeated at the conclusion of the film, Edward and Nancy (fashion designer girlfriend of Robert, portrayed by Idina Menzel) return to Andalasia, while Giselle remains in New York, married to Robert and operating a fashion company.

With Giselle completely exploring the real world without any of the confines of the Disney princess stereotype, the conclusion of Enchanted provided a range of possibilities for a sequel. Many speculations about an Enchanted sequel have circulated over the years, but nothing was verified until Disney+ announced Giselle and Amy Adams’ formal return on Disney Investor Day in December 2020, unveiling the exact title: Disenchanted.

Enchanted 2 is currently under production

Some development information has surfaced after Disney announced Enchanted 2 in December 2020. Former director Kevin Lima was replaced by Adam Shankman as the film’s director. With Shankman’s background in musicals and fantasy films like Hairspray and Bedtime Stories, we can be certain that Disenchanted will be in skilled hands to continue Giselle’s story.

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Enchanted 2 is expected to be released in 2022

In conjunction with the sequel’s announcement, Disney stated that the film would be streamed exclusively on Disney+ rather than being released in theatres. Disenchanted started shooting in May 2021 and was completed in early August 2021. Director Adam Shankman has verified Disenchanted’s existence as well as the film’s release date, which is set for 2022, albeit the actual day and month are uncertain. Disney is expected to announce the film’s premiere date in late 2021 or mid-2022.

Details about Enchanted 2’s plot: What Could Happen

According to the storyline summary for Disenchanted on IMDb, the film is set 10 years after the events of Enchanted. Following Giselle’s marriage to Robert, Giselle starts to wonder as she is genuinely happy. In both the actual world and Andalasia, Giselle’s friends and family are thrown into disarray as a result of her self-discovery crisis. It is no wonder that Disenchanted will continue the assumed “happily ever after.” 

Despite the title and the possibility of Giselle’s cynicism in the sequel, Amy Adams has stated that the princess would dance and sing even more than she had in the first film. She mentioned how tough it was for her to recreate those parts more than a decade after filming the original film during an appearance on The Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

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In the years between the debut of Enchanted and the sequel, Disenchanted, the Frozen films became a worldwide sensation. As a result, topping Disney’s most popular animated films with fresh musical numbers is a significant challenge, especially when the actors have to perform in live-action. But, with Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams, and Idina Menzel — who plays Elsa in Frozen and Frozen 2 — there is no doubt that the Enchanted sequel will live up to the hype. It is unclear how Giselle’s new voyage of self-discovery will take her to a fresh start or how Malvina Monroe will figure into the plot.

Who Will Return in Enchanted 2?

As per digitalspy, the following cast will return in Enchanted 2 – 

  • Amy Adams in the role of Giselle
  • James Marsden in the role of Prince Edward
  • Maya Rudolph    in the role of Malvina Monroe
  • Patrick Dempsey in the role of Robert Philip
  • Idina Menzel in the role of Nancy Tremaine
  • Jayma Mays in the role of Ruby
  • Yvette Nicole Brown    in the role of Rosaleen
  • Oscar Nuñez in the role of Edgar
  • Kolton Stewart in the role of Tyson Monroe   
  • Rachel Covey    in the role of Morgan Philip (archive footage)
  • Gabriella Baldacchino    in the role of Morgan Philip
  • Naoimh Morgan in the role of Fabric Vender
  • Eleanor O’Brien in the role of Villager
  • Stephanie Karam in the role of Gardener / Flora
  • Sean Duggan in the role of Rumpled Dad
  • Emmanuel Okoye in the role of Fairytale Villager #1
  • Brigid Leahy in the role of Nervous Wife
  • Redmand Rance in the role of    Ensemble
  • Fiona Browne    in the role of Gardener / Fauna
  • Philip Condron in the role of    Malvina Guard
  • Michael McCorry Rose in the role of Disgruntled Prince
  • Chloe Harris in the role of Mover
  • Eimear Morrissey in the role of Sander
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Creator has not declared any specific role for James Monroe Iglehart and Ann Harada.

Jo Burn and Sunil Perkash served as executive producers of the film, Barry Sonnenfeld and Barry Josephson served as producer, and Anna Tenney was the assistant producer for the sequel. 


Stephen Schwartz announced in May 2021 that the movie would have seven tracks and reprises. This features two Nancy songs performed by Menzel, who had a song in the original film but was deleted. Furthermore, he noted that the songs were developed organically in conjunction with the scriptwriters and filmmakers, as opposed to the previous film, in which the song positions were already established in the narrative.


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