Doctor Who Season 13 Release Date Finally Confirmed

Iksha Tiwari

Published on:

Doctor Who Season 13: Finally, after long months of waiting, we finally know when Doctor Who season 13 will return back to our TV screens. It is a big famous news for all the fans out there who have been waiting for this series renewal for months.

THE BBC has today itself confirmed that the series will return to BB1 and BB player at 8:30 PMĀ  on Sunday, October 31st. So all the Doctor Who fans will only have to wait for few more days to enjoy some fresh episodes of the series. The announcement although did not include the US release date, but we do expect the series to air across the pond very shortly after it gets premiered in the UK.

Alongside this announcement, we also got a few more teasers that will surely entice every fan out there. We also have got few more teasers that will surely interest all the die-hard Whovians fans who are actually looking forward to Jodie Whittaker’s final full season as the Doctor.

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The first off was the slick new promo as well as the news that this latest series is subtitled Doctor Who: Flux. Unfortunately, neither of these announcements reveal anything to us especially we get nothing about the plot of the series. So for now we only have what was shown to us in the July teaser. So, for now, if the release date has been locked in, we really think it’s highly likely to happen that Doctor Who news will be very soon on its way shortly. So all the fans keep your eyes ready because your series is very soon coming to your screens.

For all the other updates regarding the series stay tuned to our website as we will keep posting all the updates here. As soon as we get any new update we will surely post it here. Do share your excitement with us and what are your speculations from the upcoming season of the series.

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