Does he turn his back on you? Jada Pinkett calls Will Smith’s reaction to the 2022 Oscars ‘exaggerated’


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The days continue to pass and the controversy surrounding Will Smith does not seem to decrease, because, after the blow dealt to Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars ceremony, the problems for the actor have only increased, and now, his wife, Jada Pinkett, has described the behavior of the artist, in the aforementioned award, as exaggerated.

After several days of the signal event in the 94th edition of the Oscars, Jada Pinkket had not issued an opinion on this matter, however, now through an interview for the American Weekly medium, the artist stated that she never needed protection from her husband, noting that the now-Academy Award winner overreacted with his reaction.

I never said that I needed protection, it was in the heat of the action and he was the one who exaggerated, but I did not do it and I would not do it in any way, “he says.

There is no doubt that this statement issued by Jada Pinkett has caused a great surprise in the millions of movie fans who have followed this controversial story, because most fans expected full support from the actress, that is, Nobody predicted that the artist will issue an opinion like the one she has shared.

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It should be noted that the US Weekly medium has shared the words of an anonymous source close to the Smith couple, who points out that the actress, despite the statements, fully supports her husband and is willing to accompany him throughout the process that The protagonist of ‘The Prince of Rap’ is currently living.

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What is a reality is that, regardless of Jada Pinkett’s statements, the future does not look good for Will Smith, because even before his comments, the consequences for the artist after what happened at the ceremony of the Oscar awards would have already begun to arrive, since various reports indicate that several studies have distanced themselves from the winning actor of the statuette.

Hollywood walks away from Will Smith

It was recently announced that Warner Bros would have decided to pause indefinitely, the new Will Smith film belonging to the ‘Two Rebel Police’ franchise, a title that would bring this actor back to the screen accompanied by comedian Martin Lawrence.

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Likewise, various reports indicate that Netflix would have canceled a new project with the artist, in addition, it was revealed that both the streaming giant and Apple TV +, were struggling to acquire the rights to the biography of Will Smith, however, after the controversy At the 2022 Oscars, both platforms are said to have quietly withdrawn their million-dollar bid.

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