Does Justin Bieber Have A Baby? Why The Internet Thinks So

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Let us start a round of Bieber Baby Watching. Justin and Hailey Bieber are once again the subjects of pregnancy speculations, courtesy of Justin’s new documentary in Amazon Prime Video. The singer’s newest documentary (yes, there is another one) was leaked to the Daily Mail, and it seems that Justin is ready to have a baby. However, he is said to have questioned his wife about the possibility of having children in a manner that may make her uncomfortable.

Justin discusses his future ambitions as well as the importance of always putting family first in the Amazon Prime documentary Our World. He goes on to say that he wants to “squish out a nugget” with Hailey. He did, in fact, say “squish out.” However, we must give him a break since the artist may not have taken a sex-ed class in school after achieving superstardom at such a young age. It is conceivable that the 27-year-old believes that bringing a child into the world is as simple as squeezing the final drop of toothpaste from a package.

In any case, Justin is keen to have children, according to the Daily Mail, and he subsequently asked Hailey in the documentary, How about they start trying towards the end of 2021 is not known yet. Unfortunately, we do not know how she replied to the request, but if the Biebers adhere to Justin’s timetable, this revelation may indicate that they are presently expecting.

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This information would be appropriate about the pair that surfaced after the Met Gala. Justin frequently put his hand on Hailey’s tummy while walking the red carpet, causing many to believe she was pregnant. The scenario was misunderstood, according to TMZ, although it is conceivable the pair was only buying time. Of course, given that Hailey was spotted carrying Kendall Jenner’s tequila to an after-party later that evening, it is safe to conclude there will not be a baby on board. But, hey, do not be shocked if they squish one out right now.

About the documentary

In an episode of Amazon Prime’s ‘Justin Bieber: Our World,’ the pop singer made the startling claim while discussing his family plans with his wife, Hailey Baldwin. The disclosure occurred during a moment in which Hailey inquired about his plans after his 2020 New Year’s Eve performance.

Justin said that his objective for 2021 is to continue establishing goals and have fun while doing so. He promises that he will try to prioritize his family first and expects that they will get a nugget out of it. Hailey Baldwin responds in an unexpected manner; it seems like it is quite difficult for her to conceive in 2021. Justin replied that they might try at the end of 2021, and she also replied that perhaps they could.

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How Hailey Baldwin welcomes those rumors?

In November 2018, Hailey married Justin Bieber. In music videos such as 10,000 Hours, Stuck With You, and Pop Stars, both of them appeared together.

Fans have always been interested in Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s personal lives. Justin recently posted a photo that caused a stir on the internet owing to pregnancy rumors. Hailey, on the other hand, has shattered these rumors with a single remark. The singer shared a monochrome snapshot of himself and his spouse, Hailey, on Instagram. The beautiful post featured the celebrity pair dressed in fashionable beachwear.


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However, it was the caption that quickly went viral. “Mom and dad.”  The assumption among social media users was that the couple was anticipating their first child now. Hailey said on the same post that I believe Bieber should modify this caption to Dog mom and dad before anybody gets it misunderstood.

This is not the first time Hailey has handled rumors about her marriage with grace. She just cleared the air when a viral TikTok video from their Las Vegas performance went viral. Justin was mocked by fans for reportedly “yelling” at his wife on occasion. By sharing a sweet photo of them kissing, the supermodel debunked the rumor. She said in the comment that how wonderful last weekend was and any other story that is circulating around was completely untrue.

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Hailey refuted pregnancy rumors made by a magazine in 2020 as well. She said that she knew how the media were ready to break their little story. However, she was not pregnant. In a direct message on Instagram Stories, she requested to quit fabricating tales from unknown sources and concentrate on what matters.

In the past, the singer has expressed a desire to have a family. In December 2020, Justin stated on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that he intended to have as many kids as Hailey is ready to push out.

Dwayne Johnson’s reaction after Justin posted a photo of himself with a baby


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Justin Bieber’s loving instincts for infants have always swooned his fans, and when the singer posted beautiful pictures with his baby niece Iris, he got a hilarious reaction from The Rock. The musician shared a series of pictures of himself carrying the kid and strolling her in a stroller outdoors on a beautiful day. His spouse, Hailey Baldwin’s sister Alaia Baldwin, and her partner Andrew Aronow had this beautiful newborn girl. Dwayne Johnson, aka ‘The Rock’, had the most amazing response to Justin’s tweet as soon as he posted it. Dwayne seemed to be having a wonderful time as he commented; he told Justin that he looked great with a kid in his arms.

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