Doesn’t he come back? Liam Neeson clarifies if there will be a fourth installment of ‘Relentless Pursuit’


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Although the prayers of many fans to return to an actor or actress in the character that made them famous are present every day, there are times that they have to leave that behind. Such is the case of Liam Neeson, who has a definitive answer about the fourth installment of ‘Relentless Search’.

Liam Neeson’s career has been full of great successes, from his time in ‘Star Wars’, to becoming an action movie hero in the purest style of 80s cinema. But it was with his interpretation of Bryan Mills, the protagonist of ‘Relentless Search’ who became an icon of cinema and the internet.

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In this regard, Liam Neeson has spoken for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, about the possibility of seeing him, once again playing the specialized agent who has saved his daughter and wife from kidnapping, abuse and others for three installments. However, despite requests from fans, Neeson doesn’t think it’s possible.

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No, there won’t be. There is a limit to how many times your daughter can be kidnapped. If we get to do another one, it should be called ‘Can you take my daughter please?

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For a fourth installment that will surely repeat the same formula that worked for four Relentless Quest movies, Liam Neeson is clear that the fourth film in the franchise will probably be a success, but they no longer have anything to tell about that story.

Is there going to be a new ‘Relentless Quest’ movie?

Rumors about the making of ‘Relentless Quest 4’ came out a few weeks ago due to the great success of the action movies starring Liam Neeson released on Netflix. However, the actor’s next projects, according to the IMDb page, do not contemplate that this will be carried out.

Recently the actor’s career has been full of action movies such as ‘A night to survive’, ‘Non-stop’, ‘White Hell’, ‘Revenge below zero’, ‘The Ice Road’, among some others, which, if If you wanted to see Liam Neeson again trying to save his family, his job, or his relationships, these tapes can be a good substitute.

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Of course, given the interest in a fourth ‘Relentless Search’ film, surely a producer is interested in the project, and Liam Neeson may be interested in a sum of money that convinces him otherwise. It will only be necessary for the actor to comply with his words.

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