Doja Cat Faces Backlash and Loses Instagram Followers After Controversial Twitter Rant

Jonny Hector

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Doja Cat, the popular artist known for her hit songs and unique style, is facing backlash once again after a series of controversial comments she made on Twitter and Threads. These comments have led to a significant loss of followers on her Instagram account, with nearly 250,000 fans unfollowing her in just one day.

The controversy began when Doja Cat responded to posts from fans who referred to themselves as ‘kittenz,’ a fandom name that she had coined many years ago. In her response, she expressed her disapproval of fans using this term and criticized them for not having jobs or helping their parents with household responsibilities. Her comments were seen as harsh and dismissive by many fans.

One fan account, named ‘thekittenzweb,’ asked Doja Cat what they should change their name to since she didn’t like the term ‘kitten.’ In a rather blunt response, Doja Cat suggested that they delete their entire account and rethink everything. Another user who used Doja Cat’s real name as their username was called out by the artist for being ‘creepy as f-ck.’

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While these individual responses may not seem overly offensive, they are part of a pattern of behavior from Doja Cat. Over the past month, she has made several offensive comments to fans, which has caused many of them to unfollow her on social media. Some fans argue that she is simply speaking the truth, albeit in a harsh manner, while others believe that her comments are unfair considering that her fan base is a significant reason for her success.

Following the backlash, Doja Cat has deleted her recent comments. However, screenshots of her tweets and responses have been widely shared, as is often the case in the age of social media. This has further fueled the controversy and intensified the criticism against her.

Doja Cat’s Twitter rant and the subsequent loss of Instagram followers have sparked a heated debate among fans and the general public. Many people have taken to social media to express their disappointment and frustration with the artist’s behavior. Some have called for a boycott of her music, while others have defended her right to express her opinions, albeit in a more respectful manner.

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This is not the first time that Doja Cat has faced controversy. Earlier this year, she was criticized for her past involvement in online chat rooms known for promoting racist and offensive content. While she apologized and claimed that she had learned from her mistakes, this recent incident has reignited concerns about her behavior and attitudes.

As of now, it remains to be seen how Doja Cat will address the backlash and whether she will make any further statements or apologies. The incident serves as a reminder of the power and influence that artists have over their fans, and the importance of using that influence responsibly. It also highlights the need for open and respectful dialogue between artists and their supporters, as well as the consequences that can arise from careless or offensive remarks.

In the age of social media, where every word and action is scrutinized, it is crucial for public figures to be mindful of the impact of their words. While fans may have differing opinions and expectations, it is essential for artists to maintain a level of respect and empathy towards their audience. Only time will tell if Doja Cat can regain the trust and support of her fans after this latest controversy.

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