Dragon Ball: What Will Be The New Movie About?

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We are still in awe of yesterday’s news!

There are only a few hours until the great Japanese event for Goku’s Day, which will be held tomorrow, May 9, and we already know some of the news that they will present to us. Do you want to know what we will find? Be careful, there are juicy little things.

A few days ago it was published that, during Goku’s Day, we would have many surprises. Great coverage to Super Dragon Ball Heroes was highlighted, with the new update of the arcade game and the premiere of episode 3 of the homonymous anime series, but not only that.

Tamashii Nations is also releasing some clues in the last hours, and it seems that Dragon Ball GT will have a presence in their figures. Some time ago a prototype SH Figuarts of Goku Super Saiyan 4 was leaked, so it could be just that, we will have to wait. But do you have something else in store for us? Well of course it is!

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The official Dragon Ball website will also open its doors during the next few hours, and fans are eager to know what this new site will bring us. Of course, the great news already leaked yesterday, and that is that we will have a new Dragon Ball Super movie in 2022. But pay attention, that this afternoon more things have been leaked directly from the Toei Animation! We can already confirm that the new film will be totally canonical since the story and the script will be made by. Akira Toriyama!

As the teacher tells us above, the new Dragon Ball Super movie will have a great technical quality, a visual aesthetic that will catch the viewer, and the appearance of a really unexpected character for the fans. This Toriyama is unique to trigger our hype! A pity that I can not yet reveal anything about the argument.

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And what about the canonical anime series? Will it come back in the short term or in the long term? Only time will tell! At the moment, we have many fronts already open on the horizon, so if you are a fan of Dragon Ball, you only have to enjoy yourself like a real child. Kai, Kai!

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