Drake can’t shake the image of his Dad’s tattoo on his face

Itziar Morte

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There are parents who take too far the devotion they feel for their offspring, and Drake’s is one of them. The rapper wanted to remind everyone that his own got a tattoo of his face on his arm back in 2017 without first asking for his opinion.

To this day he has not yet overcome the embarrassment of others that he feels every time he thinks about the occurrence that Dennis had, especially since any resemblance of that portrait with reality is pure coincidence.

“I was sitting here thinking why you would do something like that to me. If we are family,” he asked through Instagram.

In Dennis’ defense, he has tried to correct the design on several occasions but has yet to get it to do justice to the famous singer. “I’ve turned to 16 different people to try to fix it, and they’ve hurt me,” he said.

In any case, Dennis always takes Drake’s jokes and haircuts with good humor. In addition, like many other parents of his generation, he uses social networks to communicate with his offspring as if they were a private chat, so he has said goodbye by adding “I love you and I miss you” along with a lot of kissing emoticons.

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