Drake lost a hefty sum of money on a sports bet

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ANDRapper Drake lost a hefty sum of money on Tuesday after betting on the victory of fighter Justin Gaethje, favorite in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) against Charles Oliviera.

However, the singer’s forecast was not fulfilled and with the defeat of his chosen one a significant sum of money went. However, this is not the first time that the Hold On interpreter sees his money fly after making a sports bet.

How much money did you lose?

In the match between Justin Gaethje and Charles Oliviera Drake decided to bet on the ‘Stake’ platform but, to her surprise, in just four minutes, Oliviera knocked down and completely knocked out her rival… and also to the singer’s pocket.

The surprising end of the UFC fight caused the singer to lose half a million dollars. Had the result benefited the rapper, he would have earned up to $1.3 million. Amount with which he could have perfectly recovered what he lost a few months ago.

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The Canadian singer is a well-known fan of these bets and it would not be the first time he loses a significant sum of money.

Last March, Rihanna’s ex-partner lost up to $275,000 by making a mistake and betting on Jorge Masvidal’s victory in another UFC fight.

Betting attracts several celebrities

In addition to Drake, there are other celebrities who have entered and fans of gambling. Harry Styles, who declared himself a fan of roulette, has invested large amounts of money and even has a large ’17 black’ tattooed on his left shoulder.

Actor George Cloney is also known for his fondness for gambling. His hook is so strong that he even went so far as to bet on his own life. Clooney bet with fellow cast member Michelle Pfeiffer that she would never marry. To his bad luck (or not) he lost scandalously having been engaged in 2014 to Amal, with whom he had twins.

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