Drama, comedy and sports: Where to watch ‘Lakers: Time to Win’ online?


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In March one of the best sports series that have been launched in recent years arrived, it is the title ‘Lakers: Time to Win’, an engaging production based on real events that has arrived with an outstanding production team and a renowned cast , and best of all is that it is a series that you can watch online.

It is important to point out that ‘Lakers: Time to Win’, as its name suggests, is a sports production, because it is a series that in its episodes deals with one of the best stories in the NBA, since it focuses on the famous Los Angeles Lakers dynasty of the 1980s, which dominated this professional basketball league.

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In this production, sports lovers can see a great story, since Jerry Buss acquired the Los Angeles Lakers in the late seventies, making several changes in the institution, with the arrival of new players, such as Earvin ‘Magic ‘ Johnson, and coaches, marking a new era for this team.

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If you’re a basketball fan, or you just want to watch a good series, you should know that ‘Lakers: Time to Win’ is available on the HBO Max streaming service, so you can enjoy this title online, either by downloading the app from this platform on a Smartphone, Smart TV or Tablet, or by entering HBOMax.com.

‘Lakers: Time to Win’ available on pay TV

It is worth mentioning that this interesting sports series is not only available online in the world of streaming, because the episodes of this production are also broadcast through the official HBO channels for pay television services, since from its premiere last Sunday, March 6, this title has launched a weekly episode on Sundays in the aforementioned channels.

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So far, ‘Lakers: Time to Win’ has released four episodes of its captivating story, and each of them is available on the HBO Max streaming service and six more chapters are yet to come, because it is an interesting story about one of the best NBA dynasties, will have a total of 10 episodes.

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There are no excuses to miss ‘Lakers: Time to Win’ on HBO Max, a production that is shaping up to be one of the best of 2022, a title that, as we pointed out, has a great cast, since it is starred by artists of the stature by John C, Reilly and Academy Award winner Adrien Brody, likewise, features great direction at the hands of Academy Award-winning filmmaker Adam McKay.

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