Drew Barrymore can go ‘several years’ without sex

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Drew Barrymore can go 'several years' without sex

The actress and presenter Drew Barrymore has not been shy about talking, in her brand new television program, about such an intimate aspect of her life as sexual relations, or in this case the lack of them.

The interpreter reflected on her television space about the six months of sexual abstinence that Andrew Garfield, known for being a method actor, had to face in order to prepare for his role in the film ‘Jesus Priest’, released in 2016. That The news went around the world more than six years ago and was widely commented on, but the truth is that Drew does not quite understand why those statements caused such a stir.

“Well, I’ve had to abstain from sex too, I did it all through my twenties. So now I’m like, ‘What’s wrong with me that I think it’s normal for someone not to have sex for six months?’ I found out, I said: ‘So what?'”, the Hollywood star has confessed just before emphasizing that, in his case, he can spend years embracing celibacy. “Years, the truth”, he has responded when a collaborator has wanted to confirm that Drew had endured half a year without intimate relationships.

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On the other hand, the one who was the protagonist of tapes like ‘ET’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’ has also commented on the criticism that, in recent times, those artists who take method interpretation too seriously have received. “There are many actors who do it, like Christian Bale, Jared Leto or Matthew McConaughey, and I understand it. You want to transform yourself and commit yourself to the fullest. I have also done it,” he said about his participation in the film ‘Gray Gardens’, for which received a Golden Globe in 2010.

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