Dwayne Johnson for President? this is how the actor reacted to the request of the fans

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The actor’s name sounds strong as a prospect for the important position.

From time to time, a celebrity with political aspirations appears within the ranks of Hollywood, as was the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who twice served as governor of the state of California. But now a poll struck the opinion of the fans at the idea of seeing Dwayne Johnson ” The Rock “ in the presidency of the United States and so he reacted.

Years ago the actor showed that at some point he could evaluate the possibility of entering the political world and opting for a position in the public administration. Last year he harshly criticized then-President Donald Trump and since then his followers have asked him to head the presidency.

A poll recently appeared on the Pipslay website where more than 30,000 adults voted responding to an assessment of celebrities they would support if they ran for public office. The results confirmed that at least 46% of those surveyed would publicly support Dwayne Johnson, an actor in films such as “Guardians of the Bay” or “The Fast and the Furious”.

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One of the last reactions of Dwayne Johnson to the idea of being the next president of the United States occurred in February this year to USA Today, where he said: “I would consider a presidential race in the future if it is what the people want. I really mean it, and I’m not flippant in any way with my answer. That would depend on the people ”. Now that people have expressed themselves, it will be enough to see what they think.

Another famous person who raised the possibility of entering politics was Matthew McConaughey, who reflected on his plans for the future: “I am now investigating again what my leadership role is. Because I think I have some things to teach and share. What is my role, what is my category in the next upcoming chapter of my life that I am going to enter now?

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