Dwayne Johnson: This is how he learned to control the “The Rock”

David Galvan

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Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is promoting the new DC film, “Black Adam”. Thus, in various interviews “The Rock” addresses issues related to his character and, also, to his personal life.

In this way, a famous celeb in the United States recently revealed that she had anger problems in her youth. Although, unlike the villain of the popular franchise, he was able to leave them behind.

While the muscular appearance of “The Rock” could intimidate anyone who did not know him, the truth is that he is a person who is often kind to the press and his followers.

In that sense, in an interview for CBS Sunday Morning, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was questioned about his usual tranquility. Thus, to the surprise of many, he confessed that, when he was young, he had anger problems.

“I had anger problems when I was 18, 19 and 20. I would get into fights even when I was younger and then I would get arrested, only fueled by the frustration of the position I was in,” he explained.

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He immediately pointed out that he comes from a small family, where he was the only son. And, while his parents had “a good marriage,” he wasn’t sure his dad was emotionally present for his mom, taking a leave of absence when they had some difficulties.

Later, the artist claimed that he became his mother’s “emotional box.” He then attributed his anger to the hormones that were activated as a teenager.

However, everything changed when he matured and understood that there was no point in getting carried away by the frustration and anger that made him get involved in various conflicts: “At one point Black Adam’s rage was there, but not now,” he said at 50.

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