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Eamon & Bec are one of those couples who have slowly and gradually fixated on the idea of fulfilling their wanderlust by exploring the world via vans or tiny homes. Many people do enjoy the luxuries and conveniences of hotel stays and airplanes, but they choose something completely different. The couple enjoys a great fan following of more than 978 thousand subscribers. The channel launched in 2014 and is based out in Canada.

Now with their popularity, there are so many questions in the mind of fans. One common question that we see fans asking about is What is Eamon & Bec’s total net worth? Or how much does the couple earn together? Although no one has a realistic understanding of Eamon & Bec’s realistic net-worth. In order to have all the information, we have collected information about the net worth of Eamon & Bec.

More About Eamon & Bec

Thanks to the internet, people satisfy their #vanlife travel wish by watching the couple YouTubers. The full name of Youtubers is Eamon Fitzgerald and Rebecca Bec Moroney, who are a Canadian couple who grew up following on the video-sharing platform. After that, they began posting videos on their Eamon & Bec page from their converted Sprinter Van, Trinity. The duo has traveled a lot around the world with their trusty vehicle and has chronicled what they take over them.

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They also share how they actually exist in small spaces on a day-to-day basis. Best part? They have managed to make it work as an engaged couple. The Bec and Eamon have also pared down many times over the years. The two also make a very healthy living from their YouTube careers and their other business ventures.

Net Worth of YouTube stars Eamon & Bec

There are different websites on how much actually Eamon & Bec are worth exactly. However, it is estimated that their fortune is somewhere between $500,000 and $1.5 million. The couple costs $20,000 to convert their van into an amazing livable space. Bec and Eamon even added water tanks, solar panels, insulation, refrigerator, and composting toilets to it. In addition to that, they also have a stovetop to their 60 square foot space.

The van has provided them with a lot of video content over the years, and their DIY content has also allowed them to build a subscriber list of almost one million accounts. The internet sensations also make huge money by featuring brand partnerships and featuring advertisements on many of their videos. In addition to that, they also sell Eamon & Bec merchandise through their website and host a podcast named Reroot with Eamon + Bec. Apart from their YouTube-centric ventures, the couple has also founded their own tea brand that is chaiwala, together. The duo also owns a cabin together in Ontario, Canada.

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Eamon & Bec earns an estimated $281.25 thousand a year

The couple on average receives 4.69 million views on their youtube channel. Youtube channels actually are monetized and earn revenue by displaying. So they may earn somewhere around $3 to $7 per one thousand video views. According to that, Eamon & Bec earns $18.75 thousand a month, which makes it equal to  $506.25 thousand a year.

Now Eamon and Bec are temporarily moving out from their woodsy digs and are going back to their van. Of course, they are not selling the property but they are shifting back from their new routine to an older routine. With that, fans can expect more of their vlogs from the duo in the future, especially from Trinity and from their cabin.

So this was all that we know about Eamon & Bec’s net worth earning as a couple from their various earning sources. For more articles like this, stay tuned to our website and keep following us.

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