Ed Sheeran and Pablo Alboran united for a noble cause: look what it’s all about

Ed Sheeran

The British star is known for his charitable works.

In addition to being one of the most important singers of the decade, along with Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran is known for his human qualities and great interest in those most in need. The British star usually participates in auctions and fundraising campaigns, such as the last one in which he climbed with Pablo Alborán and other celebrities.

It is a solidarity auction in which various artists participate and which includes the Spanish, Ed Sheeran, Alejandro Sanz, or Fito Cabrales. According to reports from the celebrity media, the singer of songs like “Perfect” or “Shape of You” made one of his signed LPs available for auction. The rest of the celebrities collaborated with other personal objects.

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In just a few days, on April 17, all the objects and those most valued by fans will be revealed that will go to the Manos Unidas charity project in Mukuru (Kenya), one of the poorest suburbs of Nairobi. According to the organization, the community has been growing, expanding along the Ngongo River where thousands of people are crowded together fleeing an uncertain future.

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As mentioned at the beginning of this note, it is not the first time that Ed Sheeran has made a similar gesture. The Colorado musician reportedly donated one of his paintings earlier this year, which raised € 60,000 through the auction. The funds will be sent to the Cancer Campaign in Suffolk (CSS) charity, dedicated since 1998 to support patients with chronic disease in England.

The history of Ed Sheeran‘s painting dates back a few weeks ago when he donated the painting called Splash Planet himself. It is worth mentioning that during the time that the singer has been away from the stage, he has been able to explore other artistic facets with painting and the painting is the result of one of those sessions.




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