Ed Sheeran: How Much He Earns From Spotify?

Farwa Raza

Published on:

Ed Sheeran ranks with Adele and Elton John at the top when it comes to the highest-paid British artists. With successful tours that have taken him around the globe, the red-haired singer makes fortunes thanks to the composition of songs for other artists and the reproduction of his own songs on platforms like Spotify, but how much does he earn?

Although it is one of the most downloaded music platforms in the world, this application pays artists like Ed Sheeran $ 0.35 each time a song of its authorship is played. While others like Apple Music generate almost a dollar or 0.99 for each song that is listened to.

According to data revealed by Spotify, other celebrities such as Justin Bieber has accumulated 76.55 million views so far this year, Ariana Grande 54.10 million, and Ed Sheeran 52.23 million. It was known that these figures are dynamic and the lists keep changing until the end of the year approaches and a round figure is generated.

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The international agency Europa Press reported: “The user base of Spotify is greater than that of Apple Music, with 155 million subscribers compared to the 60 million of the Apple service, according to data from July 2019. Amazon Music, meanwhile, has 55 million users”. Another difference is that Apple Music pays artists directly.

The 29-year-old singer differs from other influencers and celebrities such as the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, or Demi Lovato, who often take to platforms like Instagram to share daily glimpses of their lives. Luxury, cars, private jet rides, and designer clothes are common with celebrities, but that’s not the case with Ed Sheeran.

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