Eiza González claims that her role in ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ was completely changed


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Last year ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ was released, the long-awaited Monster Verse film that finally put the confrontation between the King of the Monsters and the gigantic gorilla on the screen. However, now Eiza González reveals that his character was modified, and changed to what was originally planned.

Currently, the sequel to ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ is already being worked on, and although many details are not known about it, it is said that it will present new monsters that are capable of facing the gigantic titans that we saw in the first part, which had a big launch through HBO Max.

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Mexican actress Eiza González is promoting the launch of ‘Ambulance’, the new film by Michael Bay with Jake Gyllenhaal, and in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter she said that she hopes to join the creators of ‘Game of Thrones’ for her next series , and recalled his participation in ‘Godzilla vs Kong’.

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I’m grateful to have made a really fun movie.”

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But, he confessed that, initially, his part in ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ underwent some changes: “My role changed completely in that movie, for sure. A lot of the story was cut and the story was completely changed, so it was a bummer because my character had a completely different story going different routes.”

Jessica Hemwick changed the character of Eiza González in ‘Godzilla vs Kong’

The reason why the role of Eiza González was changed was because Jessica Hemwick was eliminated from the film: “it really affected all the other characters. But she had nothing to do with the character of Jessica. It was just that the story changed because the movie is called Godzilla vs. Kong and obviously has to serve them. They are the big stars.”

The director of ‘Godzilla vs Kong’, Adam Wingard, confessed to Games Radar in 2021, that removing Jessica Hemwick from the final cut of the film was due to the fact that the story focused more on the Monarch organization, than on what reality was the real attraction of the film, the giant monsters.

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Wingard himself said he had no plans for a director’s cut of ‘Godzilla vs Kong’, so it is likely that in the following Monster Verse sequels we will not see Jessica’s character on screen again. Although there are no more details about the future of Maya Simmons in the franchise.

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