Elite Season 5: Release Date? Cast? And Other Updates

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We finished our beloved class in Las Encinas. But not all students passed. The start of “Elite” is close and a mysterious short story teaser has appeared.

After the finale of the third season “Elite,” some people have surely shed a few tears. What seems like the end of everything is the beginning of something new.

The two series inventors Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona planned to close all loose ends with the third season and to breathe new life into the series, also with a partly new main cast.

“Elite” season 4: Start on Netflix is certain.

The 16 new episodes for the fourth and fifth season should be shot from spring 2020, but overall everything has been delayed thanks to the pandemic. The 2020 launch was canceled and, according to media reports, Netflix has promised to bring season four to the platform later this year. What exactly is meant by this has now been shown: From June 18, 2021, the new episodes can be found on Netflix.

The episodes for the fifth season will soon go into production with two new faces in the cast. Some new characters are already waiting for us in the next episodes in 2021.

A teaser for the fourth season: short stories.

Carla and Nadia are actually people we no longer expect in the fourth season. But there seem to be short stories that will be released between June 14th and 17th, shortly before the launch, that focus on, for example, these two characters and their relationships. All of these short films are announced in this teaser, but we do not yet know what length they will ultimately have.

“Elite” Season 4 Cast: These are the new faces.

Four new actors are advancing in the main cast, as Netflix announced via Instagram in July 2020. These are the young actors Manu Rios, Carla Diaz, Martina Cariddi (“The Invisible Guardian”), and pop singer Pol Grinch. You can find out more about the changes in the cast below.


Farewell to parts of the main cast in the fourth season “Elite”: New teaser.

As the two series creators said, with the third season everything was resolved and it would have been a mistake to stretch the story any further. Season four will be the hit series’ attempt to reinvent itself while retaining the same codes and elements that have captured audiences. Six people from the previous main cast remain loyal to the series, others likely go forever. Valerio, Carla, Nadia, Lu, and Polo received a video from Netflix in which they can say goodbye with dignity:

“Elite”: Who is definitely not coming back?

Fernando ” Nano ” Garcia Dominguez (Jaime Lorente) and Christian Varela Exposito (Miguel Herran) were already out this season. Both actors were unable to take part in the filming because of the fourth season of “money heist”. Nano won’t come back either, his brother Samu said in the last episode.

We will definitely not see Polo (Alvaro Rico) and Marina Nunier Osuna (Maria Pedraza) again.

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