Ellen DeGeneres: A Replacement Is Being Rumored!

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The process to replace the renowned driver is underway.

There is no doubt that the big news of the moment in the media is the departure of Ellen DeGeneres from television, something that she herself announced on May 12. According to the host, her farewell will be in the spring of 2022, and although it seems a long time until that moment arrives, the production of the channel where she works has already begun to shuffle some names to succeed her.

As it transpired at this time, the person who interests, and a lot, to occupy the place that Ellen will leave in the late afternoon is Tiffany Haddish, although for now it is not confirmed. In the same way, the comedian is the one that most liked among the authorities of Warner Bros. Television, and now a whole task will begin to convince her to take the post now, with the illusion that she can win over the public quickly.

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For their part, the other channels that transmit the beloved presenter’s program are analyzing the possibility of putting newscasts at that time to cut costs but knowing that it is a very great risk because it can mean a considerable loss of audience. Also doing something like that would have a very difficult consequence to solve, and for that reason, they have not decided anything yet.

Mort Marcus, co-chairman of Debmar-Mercury, spoke about this and how many artists feel about the possibility of having a show like DeGeneres’s: “There are celebrities who have said to themselves: ‘You know, I would like to do a talk show someday, ‘but they’ve never been because they do their other things. Their agents will probably call them now and say,’ Do you still want to do that talk show? It might be a good time to have that conversation.

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Tiffany’s profile really liked.

Faced with this complex panorama, the profile of Tiffany Haddish is the one that best adapts to the demands and needs of those in charge of carrying out the Ellen DeGeneres program. As many of you know, she already has a resume with a lot of experience in these types of programs, so the procedures to tempt her became the most important task of all at the moment.

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