Elves Release Date, Cast and Plot as Netflix Series Merge Christmas and Horror

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What if tell you that Santa’s little helpers were more than cute and obedient workers? That’s the question this new Netflix series is asking and will take the answer to complete the next level. The new series from Netflix named Elves brings great intrigues and a little bit of darkness to the Christmas season.

It is surely not what you have expected like a Christmas-based story, in fact, it is something you may have never expected.

The six-episode Danish series takes place during the Christmas season but it is based on the premise of Christmas but it is not going to be the cheeriest of the celebrations. So, although we don’t have much information about the series yet we are ready to share whatever information we have until now with you about this new upcoming Netflix series.

When will Elves Season 1 be available on Netflix?

Elves Season 1 is going to premiere on Sunday, November 28th, 2021. You can straightway stream to the Elves series from Sunday onwards.

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Who is in the Elves Season 1 cast?

The series Elves of Netflix has an amazing cast and features fantastic actors. The list includes Rasmus Hammerich, Eleonora Jorgensen, Vivelill Sogaard Holm, Peder Thomas Pederssen, Sonja Steen, Lukas Lokken and Lila Nobel. The acting career of Danish actress Jorgensen has started her acting career in 1993. She has also been starred in many award-winning roles. Some of the best-known films under her name are Forbrydelsen, Italian for Beginners, TAXA, and In Your Hands.

What is Elves Season 1 about?

The series follows a story where there is a family that consists of four members. they travel to the remote danish islands in the hope of reconnecting over the holiday. But to their luck, they soon discover that the island is not very near and blissful they thought it to be.  They also go through the members of a deeply religious community with a top hidden secret. They will also get to know that they are not the only creatures who exist in this danish region.

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Besides that, the title of the series also gives you an idea about how these creatures are going to come up in the series. The elves series will have questions that are fierce and vicious as this is the first time family will get to know in the first hand about these things.

Then the series will also experience the fallout from the youngest family’s finding and brings home a baby Elf. this sparks a data war against the creatures. This way the story will unfold for the best part, you will have to watch it yourself.

So this was all about Elves season 1 as of now. As soon as the updates start rolling we will surely update them here in order to keep you in the loop. Stay tuned to our website and get all the updates regarding Elves season 1 easily.

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