Emily in Paris Season 3: They confirm the first change in the cast of the Netflix drama

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Emily in Paris Season 3: They confirm the first change in the cast of the Netflix drama

Emily in Paris is the glamorous drama created by Darren Star for the Netflix streaming platform, The series premiered in October 2020, and despite the enormous controversy in which it was involved after its first episodes were harshly criticized by the press French, the program returned with its second installment.

Season 2 of Emily in Paris debuted on Netflix last December, bringing to the screen some major changes to the character Emily Cooper, played by Lilly Collins. Above all, for finding herself immersed in a love triangle whose story will surely continue in the next installment of the drama.

Season 3 of Emily in Paris will see Alfie get more time on fans’ screens as actor Lucien Laviscount has been promoted to series regular with upcoming episodes of the rom-com, it was learned Monday. Without a doubt, this is the main reason why fans could see Emily entangled in the sentimental plane.

Recall that Alfie first appeared during the second season of Emily in Paris, as an adversary turned love interest for the Emily Cooper. His dynamic was fun, and it will be exciting for fans of the Netflix series to see how this fascinating story unfolds in season three.

Emily’s fans in Paris had various theories about Alfie, but sadly, the second season didn’t shed much light on him beyond the relationship. But with the upcoming episodes, there’s sure to be much more to be learned about Laviscount’s character, if Emily ultimately chooses to stay in Paris and not return to Chicago with a lucrative job.

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Another big twist of the season was the reunion of Camille and Gabriel, just as Emily was preparing to reveal her true feelings for the elegant chef. The cast also includes Filipinos Leroy Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gouery and William Abadie, and recurring guest star Kate Walsh. Surely everyone will be coming back with season 3 on Netflix.

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