Emily in Paris: Why the show’s producer still doesn’t apologize to fans

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Emily in Paris: Why the show's producer still doesn't apologize to fans

The incredible premiere of the first season of Emily in Paris, excited all the fans of the platform Netflix worldwide, but at the same time it bothered some because of the way they expressed themselves about the country. Reasons for which some actors and the producer tried to calm the situation.

Criticism of the series has been pouring in from viewers in France as they have been feeling offended by the stereotype the show has shown about the French.

Generating waves of comments about Emily in Paris, which is why the same actor from the series Lucas Bravoreplied to some of the viewers, while the producer will not.

Emily’s producer in Paris, Darren Star, has been listening to the complaints, but does not plan to apologize, because he feels that he has been stuck with the creative decisions of the series.

“The show is a love letter to Paris through the eyes of this American girl who has never been there. The first thing he sees are the clichés because it is from his point of view ”.

“I don’t regret seeing Paris through a glamorous lens. It is a beautiful city and I wanted to do a show that would celebrate that part of Paris ”.

On Emily’s first trip to Paris, she brought with her all the cliches that she had learned throughout her life in the US, so she will obviously stick to what she knows, even if it makes her look silly and off. Fashion.

However, all fans hope to see the premiere of Emily’s second season in Paris very soon on the Netflix platform.

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