Emily Ratajkowski was scared after losing weight to 45 kilos

Raymond McKinnon

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Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski rose to fame dancing in a thong in the video clip of ‘Blurred Lines’ and she herself has recognized on several occasions that her body, so different from the normative in the fashion industry, was her superpower to stand out above the rest of her colleagues.

However, it has also caused it to be subjected to double scrutiny; To her, criticism rains down whether she gains weight or loses weight because that directly affects her most famous physical attribute. Recently that almost impossible balance to achieve, which consists of maintaining a curvaceous figure that continues to seem slender, was altered by the problems he has faced in his personal life.

Now she wanted to explain that she was well aware that she had begun to project an unhealthy image to clarify that it was not something she had consciously proposed. “I think trauma lives inside the body, or at least that’s been my experience. When I don’t feel well, I lose a lot of weight. I recently lost to 45 kilos and it gave me a lot, a lot of fear, “he confessed now in the podcast ‘High Low’. To put her statements in context, you just have to remember that Emily measures just over one meter seventy centimeters.

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Luckily, Emily has managed to gradually regain her calm after divorcing Sebastian Bear-McClard last summer, after four years of marriage and a child together, and that has been directly reflected in her physique. “For me, it makes a very important difference and it’s a way to realize that I’m happy now,” she added.

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