Emma Raducanu establishes a personal goal for 2023 and criticizes fake news

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Emma Raducanu, a British tennis player, has a personal goal for 2023 and has criticised fake news for its impact on her career.

The 20-year-old won the US Open in 2021, but since then, she has had trouble repeating any kind of success because of issues with her technique and injuries.

Since that fantastic Grand Slam victory, Raducanu has failed to claim a single WTA Tour victory and has dropped from No. 10 to No. 75 in the world.

She has teamed up with Andy Murray’s old trainer Jez Green to address her recurring issues as she attempts to move past an injury-plagued 2022 season.

The past 12 months have passed by so quickly that Raducanu said, “I can’t quite believe we’re back there,” according to SheerLuxe.

“Being more injury-free in 2023 is my main objective.” I simply want to maintain my health longer.

“My body has battled this year due to the rigours of the tour, moving from having little training or stamina to being thrust into competing at the highest level.”

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So, I’ll put a lot of effort into maintaining and developing my body. Being consistent is definitely the best “resolution” if you want one. Put up the effort every day.

During her 2022 season, Raducanu, who will compete in the first Grand Slam of the year at the Australian Open in a month, also took aim at bogus news.

Professionally speaking, she continued, “I’m quite proud of my tenacity this year.”

I’ve encountered a lot of hardship and have had to get back up.

I try not to allow the numerous untrue things that are said about me impact me.

“Over the past year, I’ve had to get used to that side of things — the publicity and learning all these things about myself that I never even knew!” The tour is receiving such a lot of attention.

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