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Enola Holmes

We all are familiar with Sherlock Holmes. And we know that it is interesting to watch. But it has come with a new movie steering Millie Bobby Brown, the girl named Eleven from the Stranger Things. she is playing the role of 14-year-old sister of world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes. She is going to at with Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, and Sam Claflin. Netflix Twitter handle tweeted out the teaser trailer of Enola Holmes. This is the mystery movie based on the novel by Nancy Springer named The Enola Holmes Mysteries. Netflix confirms that they are going to release this movie in September. They are going to release the film on Netflix on 23rd September 2020. 

In the movie, Enola is a genius who’s mother Enola went on missing then this girl goes on her mission. She ignores the message of her older brother Mycroft to complete her Schooling. She went to London to follow some clues so that she can find her mother. There on the way, things went wrong and she comes to the conspiracy of human rights. As we have seen the Twitter handle of Netflix photo of Enola talking to Sherlock and Mycroft. This suggests something about the movie. 

You would be amazed to know that Millie Bobby Brown has also signed up for the other movies of Netflix Ahmedabad coming to the second movie is The Girl I’ve Been. As she has been cast in which stranger things the popularity of went up. All people are waiting for her movie to come out so that they can enjoy the little Holmes doing investigation to find her mother.

Talking about the cast, we have Millie Bobby Brown as the lead role and with her Henry Cavill who plays the younger version of Sherlock Holmes. Sam Claflin acts as the other brother of Enola named Mycroft. The other cast members are Susie Wokoma, Fiona Shaw, Adeel Akhtar who has played a role in Murdered by My Father, Louis Partridge, Fiona Shaw, Burn Gorman, and Frances de la Tour. These are the people who are going to screen so that we can enjoy it. All this will be seen on our screen on 23rd September.

The whole world is going through the pandemic, thank you is not possible to enjoy a movie in a theatre. And this is the best time for all the streaming platforms to do better. And that is why Netflix is releasing on their best movies and shows at this time. 

They haven’t released the trailer of Enola Holmes. But, they have released a short teaser trailer on different social media platforms. On 22nd August, they have released a small one minute-two second teaser trailer on YouTube. You can enjoy the teaser trailer on YouTube. This is going to be one of the great movies of Millie Bobby Brown.

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