Eternals: Release Date, New Trailer and Latest News

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The release of Marvel’s Eternals is quickly approaching, and it won’t be long until the MCU’s newest (or should that be oldest?) superhero squad hits theatres.

Eternals will be the third entry in Marvel’s Phase 4 plans, after the July and September releases of Black Widow and Shang-Chi, respectively. Right now, Eternals is slated to hit theatres in November. Given those engaged in its development, it can be expected that it will follow in the footsteps of Black Panther and win an Oscar Best Picture nomination in early 2022.

So, what’s the latest on Marvel’s next big-budget ensemble film? Now there is a new (and final) trailer to look at, and it features lots of fresh footage and story details to get us psyched for later this year.

If you want to know all there is to know about Marvel’s Eternals, everything is covered. More information about the upcoming film, including its release date, all-star cast, trailers, narrative, and more, can be seen below.

Eternals Release Date – When Is It Arriving?

What exactly is it? Marvel’s Eternals is the narrative of a group of ancient immortal beings that have been protecting Earth’s human population for millennia from the Deviants and Celestials.

Where can you have a look at it? Marvel’s Eternals will be distributed in theatres throughout the world.

When will you be able to view it? The worldwide release date for Marvel’s Eternals is November 5, 2021.

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The Eternals’ theatrical release, which was initially scheduled for November 2020. But as per screenrant the release date has been moved back to November 5, 2021. This is the film’s second coronavirus-caused delay; the first pushed the release date back to February 2021.

This is part of a larger Disney schedule reshuffle. Marvel’s Eternals will come after Black Widow (which has already been published) and Shang-Chi (which will be released in September), both of which were postponed until this summer because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Marvel’s Eternals Trailer: Check Out the New Footage

Marvel has begun to ratchet up promotion for its Eternals film, which is set to be released in a little over two months. That means a new trailer has been released, and it looks absolutely spectacular.

There’s a video of the Eternals’ different powers in action, a first look at the wicked Deviants, a couple of blinks, and you’ll miss moments involving the Celestials, and some amusing moments to appreciate as well. Check out the latest trailer below, and keep reading to view the film’s initial trailer, which debuted earlier this year:

The teaser trailer for Marvel’s Eternals was unveiled on May 24, and the sheer scale and ambition of Chloe Zhao’s debut superhero film suggests that it may be a strong awards candidate in 2022. There’s a reason you thought the first trailer for Marvel’s Eternals was hazy.

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Asad Ayaz, Disney Studios’ Head of Marketing, recently talked with The Hollywood Reporter on a variety of issues, including the May release of the Eternals teaser.

In response to a question about upcoming MCU TV series such as Hawkeye, Asad went on to discuss the mysterious nature of Marvel’s Eternals teaser, claiming that it was a deliberate ploy on the part of Disney and Marvel to ensure that there would be more for the companies to show later down the line. It’s simply a taste of the characters and tone. It was an extremely early tease. There is a lot more work to do on it.

Eternals Cast 

The cast of Marvel’s Eternals happens to be really amazing. Whisper it gently, but it happens to boast an A-list cast that rivals any of the Avengers films.

Look at The Confirmed Cast List Below:

  • Richard Madden will play the role of Ikaris
  • Gemma Chan will play the role of Sersi
  • Lia McHugh will play the role of Sprite
  • Kumail Nanjiani will play the role of Kingo
  • Lauren Ridloff will play the role of Makkari
  • Brian Tyree Henry will play the role of Phastos
  • Don Lee will play the role of Gilgamesh
  • Barry Keoghan will play the role of Druig
  • Salma Hayek will play the role of Ajak
  • Kit Harington will play the role of Dane Whitman/Black Knight
  • Angelina Jolie will play the role of Thena
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Some big names are associated with this film, but, maybe unexpectedly, Jolie and Madden aren’t the major characters in Marvel’s Eternals.

Chan (Humans, Raya, and The Last Dragon), who MCU fans will remember as Minn-Erva from Captain Marvel, has been cast in that role. As Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told Variety in April, “If there happened to be a lead in this ensemble, it happens to be Sersi, Gemma Chan,” so anticipate Chan’s sympathetic Sersi to be the ‘lead,’ if Marvel’s Eternals needs one.

There Is A Long Array Of Superpowers That Each Eternal Possesses

Sersi, who poses as a museum curator on Earth, has the power to control matter, whereas Madden’s Ikaris has superhuman flying, strength, and the ability to fire energy beams from his eyes. You’ll be on the right road if you imagine Superman.

McHugh’s Sprite is an illusionist, and Ridloff’s Makkari possesses superhuman speed. Druig (Keoghan) possesses mind control skills, Lee’s Gilgamesh can project an exoskeleton of cosmic armor, Ajak (Hayek) happens to be the healer of the group, and Jolie’s Thena is able to create a weapon of her own choice out of cosmic energy.

Finally, Harington’s Whitman wields a supernatural sword that bestows upon him the powers of the Black Knight, a superhuman being who is impervious to magic, a skilled swordsman, and a clever tactician.

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