Ethan Hawke compares Kevin Feige to Steve Jobs: “It’s really extraordinary”


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On March 30, the integration of renowned actor Ethan Hawke into the Marvel Cinematic Universe became official, as he is the antagonist of the ‘Moon Kight’ series and in a recent interview he stated that Kevin Feige, Marvel’s mastermind Studios, bears a resemblance to Steve Jobs, who became famous for his company Apple.

Together with the actor Oscar Isaac, Marvel Studios has presented in the Disney+ catalog a new series of superheroes based on the Moon Kight comics, the Moon Knight, and the antagonist has not missed the opportunity to give his point of view before the work that Kevin Feige, the president of the MCU, has done for the last decade.

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In an interview for Out of Focus, the famous leading actor of ‘Sinister’, confessed admiration for Kevin Feige’s talent to build the universe of Marvel superheroes on the big screen and now in the Disney + catalog: “It is unprecedented in the history of cinema, and someone like him does not usually appear so often”, he said in reference to the CEO of the house of ideas.

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Every so often there is a Michael Jordan, a Steve Jobs, a Bob Marley. Someone who completely alters the terrain of their respective business, art, or whatever you want to call it.”

Hawke added that Kevin Feige is at the height of great geniuses who have become famous for their success over time, not only Steve Jobs, but also Michael Jordan and Bob Marley, clarifying that it is not about cinema, music or something specifically, but the ability to leave a mark in the market and that the world recognizes your name.

“It is really extraordinary. It’s hard to talk about someone who really forges their own path,” concludes the actor, showing admiration for the work of the CEO of Marvel, whom he has compared to Steve Jobs himself, who despite his death, the legacy of his work continues more alive than ever with the Apple company.

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‘Moon Knight’ will surprise comic book fans

As usual, this new UCM story is based on the Marvel comics but it is not a replica, and Ethan Hawke clarifies that his character will manage to surprise the public, since it is not the same as in the comics, and he had the opportunity to to make someone new: “they gave me free rein to build with them what Arthur Harrow should be like, and in the series you will see what we got to”.

‘Moon Knight’ will have a total of 6 chapters in the Disney+ catalog and will reach its outcome on May 4, the same day that the movie ‘Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness’ will have its preview, so that Marvel is preparing to give its fans a crazy day full of surprises and strong emotions.

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