Eugenio Derbez referred to Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock at the Oscars


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Will Smith and Chris Rock became the protagonists of the last installment of the Oscars after the live altercation that surprised the world, and Eugenio Derbez, protagonist of the great winner of the night: “CODA”, referred to the scandal that overshadowed the gala.

“Everyone thought it was part of the routine, but when he started saying the swear words we realized it wasn’t. We resisted believing that it was serious,” said the Mexican actor in dialogue with María Luisa Doría.

Derbez also revealed what happened to him after the altercation and how the organization tried to bring the actors closer: “From a very good source we learned that Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington told him: ‘What’s wrong with you? You have to fix this immediately because there is no way the whole world is going to see an angry black man beating up another black man.’ They tried to take him backstage to talk to Chris Rock and he didn’t want Will Smith, he didn’t let him.”

Eugenio Derbez, still in shock, celebrates the victory of “CODA” in the category of Best Film, although he confesses that the joy was clouded by the violence that occurred at the most important gala in cinema.

While Chris Rock remains silent, Will Smith apologized to his colleague and to the Academy, which has not yet decided on the actor’s Oscar and whether or not the award was withdrawn after the incident, in a statement posted yesterday on his Instagram. official.

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