Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney reveals what was going to happen to her character in the drama

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Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney reveals what was going to happen to her character in the drama

The season 2 premiere of Euphoria on HBO had a huge impact on desperate viewers, especially when Sydney Sweeney’s Cassie had an affair with Jacob Elordi’s Nate. However, according to the actress, when she received the script for the second installment, she thought that her character was going to be killed for every single page she was reading.

Recall that during the New Year’s Eve party, the Cassies and Nate get raunchy, especially when he takes her to the bathroom for a crazy joyride, but then breaks a serious speed limit and drinks while driving, where the viewers were on the verge of suspense for what could happen to both of them or to her. So Sydney Sweeney revealed some details when she first read the script:

“I thought Sam (showrunner) was killing me. I thought they were going to kill me. And hanging out the window, really, was just me hanging out the window. It was random and very in the moment.”

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Cassie’s return in the second season of Euphoria was certainly terrifying, we don’t blame Sydney Sweeney for thinking she might have died in that episode. But, one of the most talked about scenes on the show was her in her bathtub, when her best friend Maddy (Alexa Demie) had no idea that she was cheating on her with Nate at that very moment.

“But when I read it, I thought they were going to kill Cassie. And I was really bummed out. However, then it became this strangely sensual and dangerous connection between these two characters. And he became what he became,” said Sydney Sweeney.

Of course, Euphoria creator Sam Levinson had much bigger plans for Cassie that season than a death in the season premiere. But he called the actress when she was at a baseball game to tell her what she was planning for her character.

Surprisingly, fans didn’t expect Sydney Sweeney to steal Season 2 of Euphoria, as a broken teen obsessed with her beauty routine and with a deep need to be wanted and loved. Getting over Zendaya as drug addict Rue.

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All fans are eager to see Euphoria season 3, especially because of what happened in the final moments, when Fezco (Angus Cloud) was arrested by the police, while his brother Ash (Javon Walton) was facing them. from the bathroom, but ended up dead in that big gunfight.

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