Every Breath You Take: Here’s Everything We Know About The Movie

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Every Breath You Take: Here's Everything We Know About The Movie
  • The first trailer for the movie was published on 12th March.
  • The movie stars Casey Affleck and Sal Clafin in lead roles.
  • The movie will release on April 2nd.

The psychological thriller tells the story of a psychiatrist (Casey Affleck) whose patient takes her own life. After her death, he is regularly taken care of by his brother (Sal Claflin) Visits the deceased trying to find out his guilt for the tragedy, but when it becomes clear that the brother demands more than just a nice dinner, a game of cat and mouse begins in which the psychiatrist tries to protect his family Protecting psychopaths.

Casey Affleck and Sam Claflin can be seen in the leading roles. Both actors have proven in the last year with films like “The World to Come” or “Enola Holmes” why they are Hollywood’s most sought-after actors. In “Every Breath You Take” Affleck and Claflin dedicate themselves to the genre film for the first time and can be seen in unfamiliar roles.

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Veronica Ferres also has a brief appearance in the psychological thriller and was involved as a producer on the project. Affleck’s wife is played by Michelle Monaghan and his daughter by Emily Alyn Lind.

Christine Jeffs is responsible for the film Every Breath You Take and its direction. Cast members in the film include Casey AffleckMichelle Monaghan, and others.

“Every Breath You Take” will be released on April 2nd.

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