Who is Kelly Piquet? Everything About Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend

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Recently Belgian Dutch racing driver Max Verstappen won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday, the first thing he did was naturally run into his stunning girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s arms to celebrate his last gasp victory. Now, as the world witnessed the 24-year-old driver’s legendary win many were curious about the 33-year-old Brazilian beauty he hugged after celebrating his win.

The lovebirds officially announced their relationship at the beginning of 2021. The news actually came out when the two celebrated the new year holiday together in Dubai and Piquet’s family. Now, if you are inquisitive to know more about Kelly then here’s everything we know about Kelly Piquet Max Verstappen’s Girl Friend.

Who Is Kelly Piquet?

Kelly Piquet is the daughter of legendary Brazilian F1 driver Nelson Piquet who won the F1 drivers championships in 1981,1983 and 1987. Kelly Piquet belonged to the Brazilian nationality and was born and brought to Europe before attending a boarding school in the United Kingdom.

According to different sources, she has pursued her degree in Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. After that, she worked as a Columnist and then a model. Kelly also works and endorses different brands like Pepe Jeans on Instagram. According to many media reports, earlier, Kelly was with a former F1 driver, Daniil Kvyat. The pair also share a young daughter together named Penelope. Kelly Piquet is also ten years older than his boyfriend Max Verstappen as she turned 33 on December 7th, 2021.

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Kelly’s Association With Formula One Royalty 

Yes, you read that right Kelly Piquet is the daughter of Brazilian three-time world champion driver Nelson Piquet.  She was born in 1988 with her Dutch mother who was a former model Sylvia Tamsma and her two siblings. Kelly has an older brother Nelson Angele Piquet, younger sister Julia Piquet, and dating Nascar driver Daniel Suarez. Her sister works at Motorsport.com and her brother is a former Formula E and Formula One Driver.

She Grew Up In Different Continents

Kelly was born in Homburg, Germany but she has lived all around the globe. She spent most of their childhood in the South of France and then moved back to Brazil when she was between 12-15. The Instagram model Kelly Piquet was also briefly at a boarding school in England before relocating to New York City.  Piquet easily speaks Portuguese, French, and English because she used to live in different countries.

Kelly Is A Social Media Influencer

Kelly is one of the most prominent social media influencers as she has over 600,000 followers on Instagram. She also endorses different brands on social media like Pepe Jeans, Only Natural Diamonds, and APM Monaco. In addition to that, she has also worked for different fashion runways. Kelly also shared birthday snaps in different pictures posing with one of her close friends, a fashion blogger Yasmin Devonport.

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She Is A Responsible Mother

In the year 2017, Kelly was in a serious relationship with Red Bull Russian Driver Daniil Kyat. As a result, the couple shared a very beautiful daughter together named Penelope in 2019. Luckily we have also seen Piquet sharing love and fondness for Penelope where a New York post saying that Verstappen: “regularly plays the role of doting stepdad”. He also often shares many pictures of him along with Penelope.

Back in 2019, Kelly Piquet shared Penelope’s first picture on Instagram and wrote:

“One month since I was gifted with the sweetest baby girl I could ever ask for … One month since my life took on a whole new meaning and now I fully understood what unconditional love means”.

Kelly Piquet Is Beauty With Brain

Piquet is a women with beauty, but she is actually an epitome of Beauty with Brain. She has garnered a name for herself in the industry as a columnist, public relations professional, and stylist. When she completed college, she landed a job as an intern at a PR Agency and then as a stylist intern at Vogue. In 2011, she worked as a publicity intern at KCD Worldwide before becoming a columnist. If we go by her LinkedIn profile, Kelly is currently living in Monaco and is working as a health and wellness coach of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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Family Background Of Max Verstappen

As Max Verstappen is in a relationship with Kelly Piquel, we cannot say that this is the only relationship or link he has with the racing heritage. Max’s father Jos Verstappen was also a former F1 driver himself. Verstappen Senior is best known for starring alongside F1 legend Michae Schumacher. The versatile duo raced for the English Racing team in 1994 together. Therefore, they garnered popularity as catalysts for Schumacher’s career.

Even though his father’s career was nowhere near Max’s career at present, he achieved two podiums in his entire career that lasted for 10 years. When we talk of Max’s mother, she is also a former race driver. Sophie Kumpen has raced alongside many reputable drivers like Jarno Trulli in the Red Bull team.

According to the recent reports, Max Verstappen will also return in the 2022 season with car #1 instead of #33. This step hopes that he will be able to defend his title of drivers’ world champion.

So, this was all about Kelly Piquet, Max Verstappen’s girlfriend. If you want to read more articles like this, stay tuned to our website and read more articles based on your favorite celebrities and entertainment news.

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