Extraction Director Teams Up With Idris Elba For A Action Flick

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Tough killers are really in demand again. Now Idris Elba will also give one in the action film “Stay Frosty” from the “Extraction” director.

With the Netflix action film “Tyler Rake: Extraction”, stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave catapulted himself directly to the top of the action maestros. Since this was his directorial debut, all eyes are now on the filmmaker and are eagerly awaiting his next projects. And he has a lot of that: In addition to a sequel to “Extraction”, the 37-year-old is working on the war film “ Combat Control ” with Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role.

Now he has shouldered another film: “Stay Frosty”. As Deadline reports, Warner Bros. won the bidding competition for screenwriter Tyler Marcea’s script. The studio is paying over a million US dollars for it. So that has to mean something. Especially since Marcea has not made a great impression so far. Another of his scripts, “The Disciple Program,” is being filmed by Universal Pictures with Mark Wahlberg.

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Sam Hargrave will direct, while Idris Elba will star. The 48-year-old Brit was last seen in the Netflix drama” Concrete Cowboy” and is one of the few actors who have appeared in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the DC Universe. Soon (from August 5, 2021) Elba will be admired as Bloodsport in James Gunn’s “ The Suicide Squad”.

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“Stay Frosty”: Idris Elba is allowed to give the John Wick.

In “Stay Frosty” Elba plays a man whom someone wants to see dead. There is hardly any other explanation for the fact that it ends with a bullet in the head. But neither can its survival be explained. Now there is only one thing left for him: home to his son for Christmas. And forge a plan on the side, how he can finish off the killer that is on him.

It is said that the film should be based on Christmas action classics like “Die Hard” and “Lethal Weapon”. Say plenty of action and a touch of a festive atmosphere. Those in charge are certainly looking forward to seeing “Stay Frosty” on the “Christmas films that are not Christmas films” lists in the future.

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