Some Incredible Facts About Tom Brady’s First Born, Jack Edward

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Bridget Moynahan gave birth to her son John Edward on August 22, 2007. Although the news of Moynahan’s pregnancy was initially surprising, it was certainly a reason for excitement. She and her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady had broken up only eight months before. She disclosed her pregnancy just a few months after their divorce. And by the end of the summer, “Jack,” as the youngster is now called, had arrived. 

Tom Brady's Son Jack, 13, 'Loves Football,' Source Says |

Currently, Brady and Moynahan are remarried, and their co-parenting arrangement is definitely amicable. And, it is surprising that it all happened 14 years ago. This year the boy became 14 years old! Naturally, the boy is now under the limelight as his mother is one of Hollywood’s leading actresses, his father is probably the greatest quarterback in history, and his stepmother is Gisele Bündchen.

Even though most people are familiar with Jack’s early days, consider how much you truly know about Brady and Moynahan’s only child together. Learn more about the athletic young man Jack in the consecutive section.

After their break-up, his parents decided to co-parent him

Break-ups are difficult no matter who you are, and having children may make things considerably more difficult. However, as Moynahan told People in 2019, she and Brady agreed not to let their divorce affect Jack’s welfare. She said that she and Brady decided to raise their kid together. Both of their partners supported them in that choice and loved their child as if he were their own. She further added that love was all around her child.

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His birth was unexpected, but it was also a “gift”

Bündchen wrote about the moment she found out Moynahan was pregnant Brady’s kid in her 2018 book “Lessons.” She had already dated the NFL player for two months when the news broke out. Needless to say, that was not a pleasant experience. However, it was a period of incredible progress. Jack, according to Bündchen, was a “bonus child” who helped her heart stretch in ways she did not imagine.

He has a striking resemblance to his father

Sure, children typically resemble their biological parents due to genetics, but Jack and his father Tom take it to a new dimension by appearing almost similar.

Fans were particularly astounded when Brady published an Instagram snapshot of his parents with all of their grandkids in April 2020.

While Jack has plenty of time to mature, he will undoubtedly resemble his father when he is older, which is not always a bad thing!

His father compliments him on his football IQ

Jack has clearly absorbed a lot of the football knowledge as he has been exposed to it throughout his childhood. It is only natural that his IQ matches his father, who is the greatest quarterback in this era. Tom has often lauded Jack’s grasp of the game at an early age, implying that he may not likely follow in his father’s footsteps.

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Jack doesn’t want to disappoint his father

Brady spoke out on Jack’s resemblance to him in more ways than one in a feature story for “Men’s Health” in September 2020. Brady states that Jack wants to give his all and never wishes to disappoint his father.

Tom Brady's Son, Jack Edward Bio [2021 Update]: Buc's New Ball Boy

He aspires to be a professional athlete

Jack’s mom, actress Bridget Moynahan, said in 2017 that her kid, like his father, aspires to be a professional athlete.

She also noted that he had expressed an interest in being a professional football player or a gold medalist swimmer, which we are certain would not be a problem considering his exposure to athletics, particularly because Tom would be OK with it!

His father selected Tampa Bay because of him

Brady made the historic decision to join a club other than the “New England Patriots” in 2020. According to the TheThings, choosing the “Tampa Bay Buccaneers” over the other clubs was difficult, but Jack made it simpler. One of the main reasons for the decision was the closeness to New York. According to a source told the Post, he wants to be near Jack, who lives in New York.

Bündchen is most likely not addressed as “stepmom” by him

Bündchen and Jack are really close, and Bündchen does not expect to wear the title of “stepmom” on her sleeve. In fact, she thinks the phrase is excessively impersonal since they are so close. In a Q&A session, she admits that she does not like the term stepmom. Rather, Bündchen considers herself as a bonus-mom because she considers Jack a gift in her life.

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He is not like every other child when it comes to eating

Jack does not get to eat like other young Americans just because he is a child. Eighty per cent of what Tom’s other children and Jack consume is veggies, especially due to “The TB12 Method.” If anything is not organic, it is not permitted in the home, which is also a stringent diet that Tom and Gisele adhere to!

Jack is not a full-time resident in his father’s home

Tom and Bridget split custody of Jack, and since Moynahan is stationed in New York, Jack spends most of his days there, particularly while his father is in training.

Though residing in New York has its own advantages, it may not always be simple when his father was the quarterback for a Massachusetts-based NFL team, whom Jack still sees on a regular basis despite having to fly from state to state.

In his own way, he enjoys his father’s games

Tom does not take that lightly, knowing that he has a unique opportunity to see his own children watch their father play what they are supposed to enjoy on television.

He also understands that Jack observes the games from his own point of view, rather than through the eyes of all other reviewers, which is still another fantastic quality Jack has!

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